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Description By way of silicone molding, we create sleeves for the rad1o badges. Pay us a visit and learn about silicone molding! We'll bring enough silicone to create about 70-100 sleeves. One of these could be yours, made by yourself!
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Located at village Village:BigWhoop
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More information is yet to be written, so keep coming back when the Camp is up and running!

We have successfully run first prototypes - but a warning is warranted for: We did not yet have a chance to actually test the produced sleeve with a real rad1o - as there simply are none yet.

Depending on what you like to have, there are two basic options:

  • Mold a sleeve. To get an idea of what this looks like, think about those Silicone/TPR sleeves for smartphones. We're covering more of the badges surface, with holes where the display, the joystick and the connectors are (Power, USB, headphones, Antenna - real and fake).
  • Fully put your rad1o in a silicone mold - we show you how to use plasticine to secure the areas where you do not want to see silicone.

We'll bring about 4kg of silicone that will vulcanize at room (and Camp) temperature. It is almost clear - and we'll also bring some fancy colored pigments so you can get your individual rad1o sleeve!

Of course, doing this is on your own risk. But we can show you the results and are very happy to show you how this works! It also should be fully reversible - even when you put your rad1o in a mold. Silicone is not glue and will not create a fixed bond with the material.

Drop us a visit at BigWhoop Village! (We'll probably add a list of "office hours" to this page as soon the Camp has started.) We speak German, English, maybe a bit of French and for what's not covered with that, we use body language and gestures!