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Description Free Software implementation of network-side GSM protocol stacks, including minimal features of BSC, MSC, VLR, HLR, AUC
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This is a project aiming to create a Free Software, (A)GPL-licensed software implementations for the GSM/3GPP protocol stacks and elements.

We have started with an A-bis (plus BSC/MSC/HLR) implementation for experimentation and research purpose, but have since moved way beyond that.

What this means: OpenBSC is not just a standard BSC, but a GSM network in a box software, implementing the minimal necessary parts to build a small, self-contained GSM network.

OpenBSC includes functionality normally performed by the following components of a GSM network: BSC (Base Station Controller), MSC (Mobile Switching Center), HLR (Home Location Register), AuC (Authentication Center), VLR (Visitor Location Register), EIR (Equipment Identity Register).

In addition, the Osmocom project also develops and maintains the osmo-sgsn and OpenGGSN programs for adding GPRS/EDGE capabilities.