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Description The Radio Operation Center organised the Orga Communication on DMR UHF radio and make the frequency coordination on the camp. The C3ROC is located on Heaven
Has website
Persons working on Eligs, RFguy
Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Tags Orga, Funk, DMR
Located at village Village:Heaven
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The Radio Operation Center is located at The Heaven and will manage the Orga Communication of the entire camp. We also handle frequency coordination between Orga Radio, Broadcast (DVB-T and FM-Radio) and other RF related things on the camp (HAM Radio etc. ..).

If you plan to make or use radio-related things with higher power, please check with us. We also have a network analyzer and a spectrum analyzer on site and will assist you with any interference problems.

The Orga Radios are ETSI standard DMR on the UHF band. We have set up two Hytera repeaters and lots of handhelds. We configure all the radios and Angels can pick up and return their handhelds here.

There is one rule, that will be strictly enforced:

Do not use your own DMR equipment on the Orga Radio Channels without our permission!

We have limited frequency recources and depend on trouble-free operation.

If you are an Angel and need a radio for your shift, we will provide you with one. You can also pick up a fresh battery at The Heaven when yours is drained.