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HF measuring equipment on camp site

As we're thinking about bringing in stuff (cable and SMA jacks, basically) to build antennas in our Village:BigWhoop Village, a short question, if you may: Will you have equipment to measure impedance of built antennas? Or are you aware of somebody else bringing such equipment? We're eager to fiddle with our shiny rad1os, but a bit reluctant to lose them in an ill attempt to create the greatest antenna. Thanks! --Hw (talk) 14:05, 23 July 2015 (CEST)

Hi, nice idea, I just updatet the rad1o wiki, and yes we a Network Analyzer on start (Up to 8 GHz), also when you like, I can order some stuff more and we have professional crimping tool too.
just look here --RFguy

Feedback on reception

626 MHz works fine on Königlich Bayrisches Amtsvillage with the little Antenna that came with the DVB-T Stick. It contains 3 SD programmes.