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Description DAO stands for Distributed Autonomous Organisation. Simply put, as any organisation, DAO is a system of governance: set of rules by which it's elements of the system interact with each other and with other systems. We will be looking at and trying out technologies developed during the past 2 years to prototype and build DAOs.
Has website
Persons working on Ksenya, Opn
Self-organized sessions
Tags DAO, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, blockchain, cryptocontracts, governance, scifi, plantoid, magic
Located at village Village:Building Utopia
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Though, some key people in a DAO space might disagree with this view, it is worth mentioning. Think of society as a DAO. It consists of a number of groups relating to each other in one way or the other, interacting and functioning by a particular set of rules. There is another set of rules which determine conditions for changing rules governing interactions. Which permissions, responsibilities and functions are assigned to one group or the other, how does membership in a group assigned, evaluated and changed. Think of the rules governing the events happening in a society as contracts. Any social system has a number of rules expressed as law, customs, informal agreements. If it is democratic it means that every actor in the system can take part in changing the rules by which the system operates and change permissions assigned to others. These relations and rules, as well as rules to change the rules can be expressed in code through a set of cryptographic contracts.