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Description A 3d-printed center part for your own Dipole (D1pole) tuned on a frequency of your choosing.
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Located at village Village:Amateur Radio
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everyone who wants to make the most of their rad1o badge needs a Antenna for other frequencies than the standard 2.4GHz. So we proudly present the d1pole.

You can get the file here:

If you don't have a 3D-printer you can get one on the camp here:

The size of the holes is perfect for RG174 coax cable. The how to build is easy, just look at the following pictures (TODO!). If you want to calculate the length of one wire of the d1pole use the simple formula: 1 wire on the left, 1 on the right

wirelength in m = 75 / MHz

For checking if everything is right and if you have questions visit us at the Amateur Radio vilage @ cccamp15 CC BY-NC 4.0

73 de DB4UM