Workshops at FHB Friday 12/8/2011

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Hack your own Sushi

Hack your own Sushi
Know Your Sushi and prepare some with easy tricks!
Organizer User:macfreak109
Contact ask mACfreAk
DateTime Day 1 / Aug 10 @ 15:30
Duration 2
End 2011-08-10 15:30
Location Neighbor_Camp'll see something about basic Sushis, origins and traditions, an excursion about rice and the basic techniques to roll Nori and Maki Sushi and some extras easy to diy. For more information, please consult the documentation PDF (2,5MB) provided here or email me!

The workshop should start around 15h30...


If you plan to come please drop your name.

  • Fullmoon
  • HiRsch

Polish cuisine afternoon

12:00-16:00 Polish cuisine afternoon workshop leader Slawomir

Brewing probiotic beverages

The Earth
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