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Open Podcasting Microphone
A place to sit down, attach your recorder/laptop and record some podcast
Contact Marcus Wolschon
Village H_x^2
Marcus Wolschon will probably have a seat in the H_x^2 village and bring a large diaphragm microphone, pop-killer and a microphone-screen to keep background noise to a managable level.

I'll leave it attached to a table for everyone to use it to record some podcasts. I will bring a preamp that does the pantom-power.

Just to make this clear: This is about being able to try out a large diaphragm microphone and acoustics foam to learn the difference and to attach your own recorder/laptop to us it, if you already have a podcast. This is not attached to any kind of broadcast.



I have to regularly take the microphone out in the early morning hours to prevent damage due to moisture.

On Friday it was way too loud, so I did not take out the microphone.
Now on Saturday it can be used again.
Have fun trying it and/or recording episodes for your own podcast channels.

using it

equipment to bring

You either

  • a field recorder that does phantom power and has XLR in or
  • something with a 6.35mm TRS connector (Klinke)

I don't have an adapter for 6.35 to the 3.5mm you may find on your laptop but hopefully someone may have one to borrow.


Already have your show prepared, when you come. So others don't have to wait.

using the gear

  • If have little experience, switch the microphone to omnidirectional pattern (there is a small switch with a circle and a kidney. switch it into "circle")
  • Keep the same distance to the microphone when speaking and speak directly into the microphone. (If you can't maintain the same distance without help, put your nose on the metal pop-filter and keep it there.)
  • Use headphones to listen to your voice while recording. (This is called monitoring.)
  • before starting the recording, speak a few sentences and adjust the gain of your recorder/sound-card, so that the loudest part is -12 to -6dB (about 75%) of the maximum (0dB is the maximum).
  • The VU-meter on the pre-amp will show you this level if you are using it.
  • Switch off the pre-amp after use.
  • Keep moisture (including from your mouth) from the microphone. They don't like that.

people and equipment

A number of people have responded that they bring audio equipment as well.



  • Radio and
  • DVB-T are broadcast live from the camp.

Maybe you can ask for your content to be aired there too.

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