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Recordings of the best shows out of the 5 days of Radio at Camp will be made available at and TalkingAnthropology. Post Production needs some time, so not everything will be up at once immediately after the camp and not all shows will be published. specific shows: Queer Geeks (mp3), TalkingAnthropology (partly, progressing), Activism Hour (coming soon), political Hacking (soon)


NSFW goes UKW @ #camp2011

Binary Voice is the event radio station at the H_x^2 village, where we broadcast 24/7 over the ether and world-wide on the interwebs.

  • Coordinator: gmc
  • Contact:

Tune in at 92.6MHz

Livestream (URL):


We will need ppl for bringing the world the word of CCC ! If you are interested in making radio or helping out with tech shifts (please) let us know :

For info about planning, check the planning page.

See also:

Log of Operations

  • 9 Aug, 00:05 : Radio is now up and running
  • 9 Aug, ~04:00 : Radio is dead due to power failure.
  • 9 Aug, 09:00 : Power team has been called
  • 9 Aug, 10:05 : Power restored radio should commence shortly.
  • 9 Aug, 10:15 : Looking for a cleaner power circuit.
  • 9 Aug, 11:00 : Continuing setup instead of transmitting.
  • 9 Aug, 16:00 : Fine tuning transmission equipment.
  • 10 Aug, 00:01 : Back on Air with proper settings.
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