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Present 2011/08/10 till 2011/08/14
DECT 6272
IM Jabber
Citizen of H_x^2
Part of Project OpenPodcastMicrophone
Member of Team CCC Freiburg
OpenPGP Key 4DD9D1C4

cell phone: +49 177 / 6272871 = 0177/marcus1
DECT: MARC = 6272
Village: H_x^2 (Jane Way C4) (CCCFr)


working on


  • do and show lots of 3d printing
  • interview people about their projects for my YouTube channel
  • OpenPodcastMicrophone :provide a table with T.Bone SC600 microhone, metal pop-filter and mic-screen where people can attach their own recorder/laptop and record their own podcasts

packing list

  • tents
  • power-cables
  • network-cables
  • mobile Thing-o-Matic 3d printer
    • my milling toolhead
    • PCB milling vice - build-platform
    • frostruder MK II
    • Thing-o-Matic interface board with my own firmware-modifications

TODO until the camp

  • DONE: build mic-screen from Basotect acoustics foam
  • get a compressor for the frostruder MKII
  • get my own extruder working, so the Thing-o-Matic has enough force to print warp-free again even with the new ABS
  • assemble the interface board

possible people to interview


agreed to interview

  • User:Drayde (FabLab munic) and Jaap Vermaas (FabLabTruck) about FabLabs
    • contact: Andreas Kahler
    • English or German
    • TODO: meet at the camp to settle the details
    • FabLab munic - homepage
    • asked FabLabTruck to join in or a separate interview
  • Motodrone
    • contact: Larissa Laternser
    • TODO: when to meet - Fr 14:00 ?
    • TODO: when is the contest
    • try to make a first broadcast before the contest

asked about it

events to visit

day 1

(Mi 10.Aug)

day 2

(Do 11.Aug)

day 3

(Fr 12.Aug)

day 4

(Sa 13.Aug)

The Earth