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Like each chaotic event the 35C3 will not be possible without the help of many volunteers. YOU can be one of them and really be a part of the event!

Volunteering is actually a lot of fun!

As a volunteer, you will be doing important stuff, meet many interesting people and generally have a great time. Furthermore, we will provide a volunteers-only area with a small Hackcenter, some kind of never-ending breakfast and sometimes warm meals.

If you have any questions after reading this page, you can ask at ticket at c3heaven.de

How do I become a Volunteer?

  • Read this page carefully.
  • If you never volunteered at the C3 before, please go to the angel area Heaven and get an introduction at the shift coordinator desk.
  • In order to sign up for shifts, you need to register an account at Engelsystem (Accounts from old chaos events will not be carried over).
  • If you want to sign up for special shifts like Audio/Video Angel, Herald Angel or others, please check for requirements below.
  • Please bring a DECT phone as this is useful for communicating during most and vital for some of your shifts.
  • Participate in the angel meetings.

What would be my job as an angel?

Angels are the heart and soul of every congress. Since there is a lot of work to do 24/7 we need help day and night on various tasks ranging from audio angels over entrance angels to wellness angels. Please check the list below. Pro tip: Night shifts are not as hectic as day shifts and often come along with some sort of network access.

What kind of volunteers are needed?

Lecture oriented

Audio/Camera/Video Mixer Angel

All events will be archived and streamed by the VOC (Video Operation Team). We need people who ensure that our cameras are up and running and shooting the right picture of the lecture (Camera Angels). Furthermore we need people who create recordings by selecting the right sources (Video Mixer Angel) and assist the camera angels in finding the right picture. During the talk, another angel monitors the levels of the recorded audio and adjusts them if necessary (Audio Mixer Angel). As a microphone angel you help handing out the microphones to the crowd or assist in using them.

During those jobs you get supported by a dedicated person (A/V Technician) from the VOC which is in each room during the start and end of each lecture and is reachable via DECT.

All of the above angels are required to participate in an introduction lecture given on various dates during the conference. Specific dates are to be announced. You cannot sign up until you have participated in the introduction lecture.

More Information can be found on description page for each angel type in the Engelsystem.


Heralds are individuals with strong English skills who feel comfortable speaking in front of the crowd at the beginning of each talk. Heralds give announcements to the audience, manage Q&As and most importantly provide introductions to the speaker and the talk.

Please check the Heralds page for more in-depth information.

Stage manager

Stage managers are responsible for a specific lecture hall (Saal) and all the talks within a 4 hour time slot. In short, stage managers make sure the talks go as smoothly as possible, including technical issues and crowd management. Before the talk, they check wether all other angels (sound, light, camera, translation, subtitles) are ready to go. During the talk, they fix any problem that may arise.

Please check the Stage manager page for more in-depth information.

Signal Angel

Signal Angels care for all those listening to talks via the Streams from home. They watch Twitter, IRC and other communication channels and provide feedback/questions to the speakers in the Q/A session after the talk. Signal Angels need to bring their own laptop in order to do their job. Since most of the talks are held in English, decent skills here are required.

See Signal Angels.

Speaker Desk

Speaker Desk Angels (or "Referentenbetreuung") care for everything a speaker might need before or after their talk. This might include help with printing stuff, making coffee/tee and other random tasks a speaker might come up with. The real list of tasks varies a lot which makes this a very interesting and sometimes challenging job. You need to have basic human–human interaction skills. A decent level of English will also be need for most of the speakers. As a small bonus, you might get to interact with the speakers at a more personal level.

Translation Angel

We translate all talks simultaneously (in other words, we work as interpreters). German talks are translated into English, and English talks into German. We have a second channel that we use to translate talks of either language into other languages (depending on availability and motivation of translation angels). Sometimes we use that second channel for other interesting things. If you believe you can do this, join us and try. Suggested self-test: Put on your headphones, listen to a previous talk from the 34C3 recordings and see if you can voice a reasonable translation in real time.

See Translation for more information and contact.

Subtitle Angel

This year, we again want to provide live subtitles for the two largest halls to create a more barrier-free congress. To achieve this we need your help! The live transcript will be visible on designated screens in Hall 1 and Hall 2 as well as a web interface . If you are a fast typist (>400 strokes per minute, roughly >80 words per minute, http://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/) you can live-transcribe talks as a Subtitle Angel. For each talk there are multiple angels. Usually you only write parts of a sentence and alternate with the other angels. In every room there are 5 designated seats only for Subtitles Angels, with a desk, electricity and LAN cables.

The subtitles angel role is restricted. Feel free to contact us if you have questions. You can find information here: https://wiki.c3subtitles.de

Access will be given to those who attend the launch event. This which will be held on days 0,1,2 and 3 (TBD). Don't be afraid, if you think you type too slowly, just try it!

Having a live transcript with only keywords is always better than having nothing at all. It helps understanding the content a lot, especially for hard of hearing and deaf people or non native speakers. Please remember, you can only be a subtitles angel if you bring a own laptop with a LAN port (WiFi isn't reliable enough) and a DECT phone.

If you are a user of professional voice recognition software feel free to contact us.

You can find contact information here: https://wiki.c3subtitles.de

IRC: hackint.org #subtitles

Subtitle Coordinator

The Subtitle Coordinator is responsible for the quality of our subtitles and coordination of the subtitle angels for one room. You check if every angel is there and sticks to the rules. If the technique fails or anything else does not go as planed you are the first responder and take care of things. Your backup is the subtitle orga which you can call any time with the dedicated DECT phone which you receive for your shift. For this angel type you do not need to be a fast typer.


The Security Team takes care about physical security such as the entrance controls and security related tasks such as theft or deescalaction of conflicts.

The Chaos Computer Club is, by its chapter and by common consent, a galactic organization of all life forms, regardless of their age, gender or upbringing.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for everybody attending our events, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, physical appearance or disability. We do not tolerate harassment of participants of the Congress in any form. As stated previously, we also don't tolerate life forms who refuse to share this openness towards others.

The Congress has always been a place where people can enjoy technology and culture, no matter what their background is. To keep it that way: If someone is misbehaving and you want support, let the Congress Volunteers (Engel resp. angels) know, they will be glad to help. Have the courage to ask us!

Contact Information Phone number for 35C3 security during the event please call 35C3 local DECT 110.


This is where tickets are sold, badges are fixed/checked and exits are secured. The entrance team includes cash desk angels, entrance angels and exit angels. We will need a considerable number of reliable volunteers here.

Entrance / Exit

Entrance and exit angels require patience and some social skills. Sometimes deconfliction skills, especially at night are very important. Other than that no requirements have to be met. Entrance angels check the badges of everybody who wants to enter the building. Exit angels keep people from entering the building through the exit or smoker doors. They are basically bouncers.

Cash Desk

Cash desk angels handle the redemption of presale tickets, and the sale of gym tickets (for cheap single-night accommodations). There is a mandatory introduction before you can take up your first shift. There will be only one introduction, probably on Day 0. The most busy shifts can only be staffed by experienced cash desk angels – grab one of the other shifts this year to join the fun next year! Please note that the most busy shifts involve two full hours of high speed work while having contact with many people – please consider carefully if this is something you want to do.


People at the congress need their mate – lots of it. The bars ensure that the constant stream of caffeine. Bottles start out in the storage where Supply Angels get the to the individual bars. There they are sold by Bar Angels who also handle the stocking of the fridges at the bar. Once the bottles are empty they are placed at one of the bottle drop points. Bottle Angels collect all the empty bottles and get them back to the storage, where they are driven away by the beverage suppliers. Collecting bottles is a very fun job, because you get the see the whole building. Also, people are always nice to you, since it's immediately visible how your are helpful to them in person.


The angels of the CERT (Chaos Emergency Response Team) are the first responders and provide first aid in case of a medical emergency. We are looking after the fire protection in this building also, for example by making sure that the emergency exits and escape routes are not blocked. You will need medical skills for some of the jobs, so paramedics or doctors are very much welcome here.

Take a look at the CERT page for more information.


The Awareness Team provides a point of contact for people to process experiences, resolve conflicts, and to create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, especially for underrepresented groups.

Take a look at the Awareness page for more information.


The c3Auti team offers support for people in the autistic spectrum. Offering a silent refuge, c3Auti is eager to support you before any problems arise so that you can have a great congress.

Take a look at the c3Auti page for more information.


Shift Coordinator

Shift coordinators are the contact person for specific tasks/jobs. They can be contacted by all angels if they have questions about the specific task or anything else concerning their Angel Duty or the Engelsystem. You can find the shift coordinators at the heaven right behind the desk.

The Shift Coordinators also try to organize everything in the Engelsystem. They create shifts, try to find spontaneous helpers if new tasks pop up on short notice, enter your shifts if you were the one who jumped in on short notice and did not have the time to signup in the System beforehand. They try to bring together those who volunteer to work for the congress and the work that needs to be done.


Chaos angels and the crew are self-catered. So we need some angels that take care of that.

For info ask around in the Heaven. There are night and day shifts.

ROC Helpdesk

ROC – Radio Operations Centre

Responsible for maintaining the radios and handing them out for angels. The ROC Helpdesk helps heaven with handing the radios out and getting them back from angels returning from their shifts


NOC Helpdesk

Net Angels help the NOC to build the network and to provide support and service to the participants. They should have a basic knowledge of computer networks, but don't need to be network wizards. They don't have to setup switches and so on, so you don't need to have a working knowledge of how to do it.

For further information please talk to the NOC Helpdesk.

Info Desk

The infodesk helps visitors on their way around the congress as well as Leipzig itself. The infodesk is open 24/4, you will be working in a team of about 4 volunteers during the day, 6 during rush hours and 2 at night.

A nice and kind type of personality is needed. You'll be required to answer the same questions over and over again. Knowing your way around in Leipzig is a bonus, but not required. Typical questions are for telephonenumbers of certain crew members, the location of workshoprooms, where to get vegan food, the next train to place xy, how to get tickets for the gym, and so on. Therefore, there has to be an introduction before your first shift. Please ask timely before your first shift at the infodesk for an introduction.

See Infodesk

cloakroom / wardrobe

With your help, we try to operate the Cloakroom 24/4 during the congress.

If you are interested in helping out at the cloakroom, just sign up for a shift in the shift system and try to arrive 10 minutes early, so the previous shift can explain everything to you.

Build up / Tear down

see also → Blog 2018-12-29 "Refreshing Abbau"

A lot of work happens before and after the actual Congress. The build up starts on 19. December and the tear down ends on 4. January. There is loads of stuff which needs to be (a) put in place beforehand and (b) removed when we pack everything up again. We appreciate any help from people who like to decorate things, move heavy stuff around, are allowed to drive heavy trucks, help in the kitchen or are experienced in building things out of wood.

As a bonus, you might get the opportunity to see the "secret" parts of the CCL and the congress itself.

For info ask in #LOCc3 @hackint.

During Congress and especially on the last day there are the LOC runner shifts where you help the LOC to manage the teardown and channel all good to their destinations. Introduction meetings are day 2, 3, 4 at 1500 in Messehalle 4. Please wear steel-toed boots, if possible. Yes, we know, those and air travel don't mix very well.

Special Jobs

Jumper/Flex/Emergency Angel

Sometimes there are unplanned jobs which need the attention of somebody right now. An Jumper/Flex/Emergency Angel sits in the heaven, probably hacking on something, waiting for exactly this to happen. Most of the time people will need you to do quick jobs (e.g. tape something down, carry something around) or help out at one of the bars. The people or angels you are helping here are usually very happy about your existence, because you are basically coming out of nowhere just to solve a problem they are having in this very moment.

Media Angels

On 30C3 we introduced a new group of angels that are taking care of press teams. Over the years the public interest of the congress has grown and so the number of media teams reporting about the congress. One the one hand, this is a great opportunity for the CCC to spread its message. On the other hand, this often turns to collide with personal interests like privacy and informational self-determination.

Press teams showing up on the congress hit on a different world. They are used to be welcomed and allowed to move around everywhere they like on events where they show up. So they tend to take photos and videos of everything. This is where media angels come in: They have the responsible task to walk along with press teams bringing cameras to ensure that they respect any claim of privacy.

Media Angels need a good understanding how visitors of the congress think about their privacy. They are responsible to decide, where camera teams are allowed to film and other things.

Questions and answers

Do I get a reduced entrance fee as an angel?

Volunteers won't get any reduced prices. Everyone of us is paying the full price, even the organisers! But since we value your support a lot, we will hand out special limited edition t-shirts for all angels who have done enough shifts at the end of the congress. Additionally you get exclusive access to the Heaven which includes free food, coffee and water.

When and where are the angel meetings?

Angel meetings will be held in the Heaven daily. Exact times will be announced in the Engelsystem in the near future. You have to be logged in to read the news.

What the hell is Heaven?

The Heaven is a place for angels to take a break between their shifts and socialize. As a thank you for hard working angels there will be coffee, tea, and sometimes food. The Heaven will be located at MZF1/2 on level 0 of the CCL. If angels are needed at short notice free angels at the Heaven will be asked to support.

What is the Shift System?

The Angel System will be used to centrally coordinate shifts and Chaos Angels. If you want to register as an angel, you need to create an account for yourself. You can find the Shift System at Engelsystem.

To find available shifts, click "available shifts" on the left hand side, then select the area in which you would like to help out, and then use the date links above the shift table to jump to the individual days. Note the "available shifts" page also contains a "show everything at once" link which shows all areas for a given day. Under "my shifts" you can also cancel your shifts up to 3 hours before they start.

Please choose your shift there and show up around 10 minutes before your shifts start, especially for audio and video angels.

Is there anything I have to bring?

  • Please bring a DECT phone and register it at eventphone
  • Something to put your coffee, tea or cereals in (if we would buy cups every day it would go off the Engel budget)
  • Knife, spoon and fork or spork (although there should be plastic variants readily available)
  • Equipment for your tasks if pointed out above.

How long do I have to work as an angel?

This question isn't easy to answer because it depends on the chosen job and the availability of other angels.

Working hours also vary with individual motivation. As a rule of thumb, four hours a day may be considered normal. But even doing one or two hours would help the congress.

I'm only XX years old. Can I help?

When you are old enough to attend the congress on your own, then you are old enough to help.

Badge – Where do I get my Angel badge?

As soon as you have registered with the Engelsystem, you may obtain your badge at the Heaven.
From experience, badges won't be available until late evening of Day 0, so don't be there too early.

(Also, you may want to bring your own lanyard, as those tend to be out of stock fast.)

More Questions?

If you have any question that is not answered here, please add it in the list here.

You can also get in contact with us directly:

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