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All talks at 34C3 are translated into English or German by a team of Translation Angels. Some talks are translated into a third language. Our translations are available as live audio over the Internet, we're currently working on other means of transmission.

Languages and Coverage

Our aim is to translation all English talks to German and all German talks to English. The availability of other translation depends on the availability of translators. More info on our service will be provided as soon as 34c3 is drawing nearer.

  • If you would like to translate into another language, we’d love to hear from you! Please see the section below on contributing.

By “all talks”, we mainly mean the “lecture” events in the main halls in the “Fahrplan” but also lightning talks, “quiz” events and possibly more.

Accessing translations

Over the Internet

For listening in the lecture rooms, the VOC provides audio streams specifically configured for low latency. The Mumble server is provided for the same purpose, but is still “work in progress”. Check for updated information for on-site listening.

For following the translations outside the lecture rooms, see More details on live streams and recordings are at Static:Streams.


Please upload your slides to our file drop at or the frab (Fahrplan) or email them to “speakers at” so we can prepare a glossary. Thanks!


As a Translation Angel

Do you speak more than one language? Is one of these languages German or English? You may be able to help us! We’re also interested in languages not (yet) listed on this page.

Come to one of our daily meetings – on day 0 if possible.

By giving feedback

If you use our translations, you are invited to contribute through feedback. And by that we don’t just mean praise; we’re particularly interested in suggestions where and how we can improve. Our main feedback channel is Twitter, the hash tag this year will be #c3t. We also have our own Twitter account, @c3lingo, and our general email address is “hello at”.