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If you are still looking for a ticket you can plead your case below and maybe find someone who has a spare one.
This is purely for swapping spare tickets between people.

Please don't offer more for a Ticket than the owner payed so poor people too have a chance.

You didn't get a ticket but already booked a Hotel/Hostel? You may be interested in HotelExchange.

Attention: Ticket Fraud
Do not buy tickets from unknown sources. There have been multiple reports of fraud. Only buy from people you personally know and trust.

If you want to make sure that the original owner cannot access the ticket anymore, please contact the presale team from the original mail address. They will change the associated address and the link secret.

Ticket offers


CCC member tickets:

Name Contact Amount Comment

Cija https://twitter.com/Cijavel, ccc@ciala.de 1 1 Ticket + Unterkunft (Hostel) inkl. Frühstück vom 27.12 bis 31.12. Zusammen 276€ in Bar
gelzi https://twitter.com/gelzi 1 One member of ccc e.V. ticket for €90. You have to be a member of the ccc in order to use this ticket! Personal handover in Düsseldorf area possible. Otherwise I'll send it to you via mail.
Alfe jochen@drsaalfeld.de 1 One member of ccc e.V ticket for €90. You have to be a member of the ccc in order to use this ticket! Personal handover in Osnabrück possible. Otherwise I'll send it to you via mail.
Pkirchner mail_at philippkirchner.de 1 One member of CCC e.V. ticket for someone in need. Will not be able to attend. first to contact me gets it for free. sorry, only by mail possible.
flobo flo -at- muc.ccc.de https://twitter.com/fl0b0 1 One member of CCC e.V. ticket for €80. sold
ari frab -at- semioptimal.net 1 One member of CCC e.V. ticket for €80.

Business tickets:

Name Contact Amount Comment

All other tickets:

Name Contact Amount Comment

Andreas mail: schreib(at)posteo(dot)de 1 ticket -all days- at 40€ cash, personal handover at congress entrance. Added 29/12/2017. <sold>
David mail: david(at)peersystems.co.uk 1 ticket -all days- at 290€, paypal, bitcoin, ethereum. Added 20/08/2019

1 mail: ivy AT notraces DOT net 1 Supporter ticket 80 € or make me an offer. Handover at congress or online. Added 28/12/2017.
Christoph mail: claib(at)inuse(dot)ch 2 Cyber Sale Thursday! Two VIP premium tickets for 150 €! (original price was €120 each)

synthet mail: synthet(at)mail(dot)de 1 Personal handover at congress standard ticket at 100€. Added 28/12/2017.
T. mail: charlon.thomas -a- live.fr 1 At congress, supporter ticket at 120e
xrs xrs@mail36.net 1 regular ticket (120€) for 100 € cash. I'm already at the congress and will check my mails hourly. RESERVED UNTIL 28.12. 12:00 p.m. for Bernhard
sev seeliger@protonmail.ch 1 Already at the congress - meet us at the entry. 100€
paul sxqj@protonmail.com 1 I sell 1 Supporter-Ticket for 110 Euro. I will be at the congress today from 1:30pm onwards. Probably easiest if you write me your phone number so that I can call you back: sxqj@protonmail.com. (27.12.2017 - 12:38)
alerion onlytwocanplaythisgame@gmail.com 1 One standard ticket for 50€ / Paypal, BTC, ETH, etc. / Delivery by email (27/12/2017)
Arno arno@arnowaschk.de I sell 1 regular ticket for 90€. Either in person right there from 27th noon, or tell me if you prefer somehow otherwise. (27.12.2017)
l3d l3d at tutanota dot com 2 Two tickets at 120 € each. Handover in Leipzig. Payment in cash please. (posted on 26/12/2017) - sold

Heiko [mailto: hbaehr@Tutanota.de] 1 1 Standard Ticket 120euro in

Person / Leipzig

r2r0 r2r0 at posteo.de 1 1 Basic Ticket at 100 €. Exchange online.

victor contact@vcranz.de PGP: PGP-Key 1 1 Standard Ticket at 120 €. Handover by email as PDF. Payment by PayPal or cash (Frankfurt).
2 tickets jannorthoff@gmail.com 2 Updated 26th Dec. €120 each. payment however convenient
ticketoffer h23hc73n@posteo.us 2 2 Supporter Tickets for 140 EUR each, selling for 120. Handover in person in the venue, cash. This one is NOT FRAUD
mirsal mirsal@mirsal.fr 1 1 budget ticket,

100 EUR, Cash or Bitcoin, I will be arriving in Leipzig on day 0 evening, handover in person preferred

EDIT: Reserved by Zach, ticket might get available later if they flake

andi ac@greschenz.de or @andialles on Twitter 2 2 Tickets for 100 EUR each. Offers accepted. Handover via E-Mail, pay via Paypal.

teisho 34c3 at teisho dot org 1 1 budget ticket for 100€. cash on site from 26th.
int2k [ccc et dorgeist.com] 1 1 Standard-Ticket for 120 EUR. Paypal, or cash on site in Leipzig, etc. Handoff via Mail or in person from the 27th at the CCL. ETA 27.12.2017 02pm
Matthieu m.piel@netcourrier.com 1 1 ticket at 100€. (added 25th) Cash only in Leipzig from the 26th.
wmcc inbox-34c3 @ÄT@ wm.cc 1 1 Standard-Ticket for 120 EUR. Paypal, Square Cash/Venmo, Bitcoin/other crypto, cash on site in Leipzig, etc. Handoff online or in person. Arriving at CCC the afternoon of the 26th (Day 0).
let cestletim_at_gmail_dot_com 2 Offering two standard tickets for 100 € each. PayPal, cash or bank transfer. Ticket per email, handover in Leipzig possible.

reneger rene at rr47.de 1 1 Budget 100 Eur Ticket. Paypal or cash on site in Leipzig. In Leipzig from 24th

GeekDrew drew@geekdrew.net 1 Updated 24th Dec. USD $120 ticket, only via Paypal. :( Can only exchange via email.
HM hmex@fastmail.co.uk 1 Updated 24th Dec. €120 ticket, will let go for €90. From UK, so exchange online. No longer going.
Alex acc.34c3@alexander-willer.de 2 Updated 27th Dec. 2x 120 € ticket, Discount to 100 €, 175 € for both. Exchange online and payment via SEPA or PayPal, or via personal handover in Hamburg
Chris info@iteconomy.ch 2 added 24th Dec. 1x €120 and 1x 140€ ticket. Can be paid by SEPA or paypal or twint or bitcoins or directly at the congress.
FJ fabio.johner@bluewin.ch 1 Added 24th Dec. €140 ticket. Discount to €120. From Switzerland, so exchange online. Can sadly not be there this year.
stooo f4eru - at - free.fr 1 1 (one) Standard 120Eur Ticket. Bank transfer or live near Basel
ryoushi ryoushi@gmail.com 1 Offering One supporter ticket for €140. personal handover in Frankfurt or Online.
Agnes contact@laquadrature.net 2 2 tickets at 100 euros each. I will be in Leipzig on 26
waijb 34c3 -at- hasst.tech 1 1 (one) Standard 120Eur Ticket. Unfortunately I have to go to work during Congress. Paypal only due to time constraints, contact me for account
SieTschie sietschie@gmail.com 2 2 (two) Standard 120Eur Tickets. Handover either digitally, in Cologne or after the 26th in Leipzig. Pay by PayPal or bank transfer.
Chris cwc3@posteo.de 1 One standard ticket for 120€. Personal handover in Leipzig preferred, online possible.
Teckids e.V. verein@teckids.org 2 Two up-and-coming tickets. Will issue proper bill if necessary and send ticket online.
Matze manse *at* posteo d-o-t de 1 (2017-12-26: ticket is still available) One ticket for 100€. Personal handover in Leipzig or online is possible.
fabian ticket.fabian at protonmail.com 1 One up-and-coming-ticket for 31,58 EUR (includes CC-fee). Personal handover in the Stuttgart area possible.
Bobo_PK cia *at* mailbox.org 2 Supporter tickets for 150€ each. One of my Chaospatenkinder got sick and I am providing the contact.
unbridgeabletau protonmail.com email, username nagie 1 Standard ticket for 120€ going for sale as of 24 December. I'll take BTC, LTC, Euros or USD. We can trade electronically now, or I can meet you Tuesday or Wednesday in Leipzig.
elektroll kleinerdrei@elektrollart.org 2 Supporter tickets for 140€ each. I amjust providing the contact for a sick friend.
globin mail at glob.in 1 Added 24th Dec. €120 ticket. Can't manage it sadly
Makdaam 34c3 -at- makdaam.eu 1 Supporter ticket (originally 140€), for 100 € because why not. SWIFT payment + email preferred. Personal cash - ticket exchange in Leipzig possible, but might not be the most efficient.
musalbas mus@musalbas.com 1 1 standard ticket for 100€. Payment via PayPal. Ticket will be sent via email.
PwnyTail pwnytail (at) c3d2 (dot) de 1 1 standard ticket for 120€. Payment via PayPal or Cash in Leipzig. Ticket will be sent via email or handover in Leipzig.
Reto https://twitter.com/rettichschnidi or 34c3 (at) reto-schneider (dot) ch 1 1 standard ticket for 120€/139CHF. Payment via PayPal, wire transfer or cash in Leipzig. Ticket will be sent via email or handover in Leipzig via friends of mine.
kamehl mel-lamy [at] gmx.net 1 One budget ticket for 100 €. Handover in Leipzig from 26th Dec., evening, or during all the congress. Cash preferred.
moo moospit -at- e1nself.de 1 1 Std. Ticket @ 100€ - Payment via PayPal, Ticket via Mail.
vavoida 34c3 -at- vavoida.org 1-2 1 Supporter Ticket @ 120€, selling for 120 or 200 for both €, cash/handover personally at Congress or paymewnt via paypaly/crypto/ ... ticket history avail

Max max@vtettenborn.net 2 2 Standard Tickets(100 € each). Payment via Paypal or crypto, handover via mail.
schuhmanns michael.schuhmann@mailbox.org 1 Offering one standard ticket for 100 €. cash or bank transfer, handover in Leipzig or ticket per email.
Sebastian Wallroth mailto:sebastian@wallroth.de 1 Standard Ticket; 100 €; Payment per Paypal; Delivery per Mail --Real68er (talk) 09:15, 27 December 2017 (CET)
devzero mna@jcbachmann.de (mail) 1 1 up and coming ticket (U18). we are on site already and can meet at ccc.
raccoon raccoon@chaos.social (gnu social)
raccoon@fripost.org (mail)
1 Standard Ticket: 100 EUR.
Available at the event (preferred), chat or e-mail.

ÖPNV tickets:

for more information see: Öffentlicher Nahverkehr zum 34C3: Ermäßigte Tickets in Leipzig/Public transport in Leipzig for 34C3: Discount ticket pre-sale open

Name Contact Amount Comment
debugloop ccc@danieln.de 1 handover at congress, 10€ as one day is already elapsed

Ticket requests

DO NOT PLEAD MORE THAN THE OFFICIAL PRICES HERE! Please see https://tickets.events.ccc.de/34c3/ for prices and names of the tickets.