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Less variants or how to choose the right torrent

I don't know where to write this critique else, because I don't know who created those torrents for bitlove. But wouldn't it be more smart to offer less variants of the talks over torrent? For example only one very small sd/opus/slidesonly/bla and one super huge HD/webm/fullmonty or just one compromise in the middle. Just because it's torrent. So splitting the swarm into different files makes it hard to find a seeder of exactly that talk in that variant.

I just recognized: When you search for a title (e.g.) in bitlove it offers you the torrent with the most seeders on top. So I recommend just to choose that one if it fits your needs. For example if I search for briar bitlove offers me

  • hd.mp4 with 9 seeders
  • sd.webm with 3 seeders and
  • sd-slides.mp4 and everything else with 1 seeder (the webseed I'd guess)

so I'll choose the first one since I don't care much about quality or codec. -- Deus Figendi (talk) 10:25, 6 January 2018 (CET)