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Subtitle Try out Delta Chat with us ... usable like Telegram, but decentralized and with open community
Starts at 2017/12/29 14:00
Ends at 2017/12/29 16:00
Duration 120 minutes
Location Room:Komona Blue Princess

Intro, hands-on and Q&A session for using on Android devices and Ubuntu laptops. Delta Chat is a new app and approach for whatsapp/telegram/signal-style messaging. It offers the full Telegram-Style User Interface but has no single centralizing platform or own servers. It uses traditional e-mail providers to relay messages. So rather than mobile numbers or app-specific addresses, you can contact anyone of the 2.5 Billion people and organizations with e-mail addresses today. You can address people regardless of whether they use Delta or a traditional e-mail program like Outlook or Webmail. End-to-End encryption happens by default between Delta Chat running devices. Moreover, Delta can end-to-end encrypt with any other E-Mail frontend which supports the new and evolving Autocrypt e-mail encryption effort.

This session is an open delta developer/community discussion and Q/A session, talking about news and prospectives for 2018. Delta chat is a young project (first release 10 month ago) and lots of things are happening. Rather than just growing "user numbers" we aim to get new folks involved and help drive the project. We'd also like to hear more folks' perspectives and feedback, to help drive and shape further Delta developments. You will also be able to install and try out Delta.Chat on an Android phone or an Ubuntu Linux powered device.

Delta Chat on Android was started roughly a year ago and is not only in use by (an estimated) tens of thousands of users but has also been translated by numerous contributors into 25 languages already. As of October 2017, it remains available through direct download or the F-Droid app store which does not track or count installations ... a Google Play Store release may arrive by the time of 34c3, though we are not in a hurry! There is already good and being-worked-on user feedback. And don't worry -- it's easy to enable F-Droid on most Android phones and does not require "rooting" or other shenanigangs. On Ubuntu, Delta can be installed via the alpha "Anbox" software which typically involves only 3 easy steps.

At the end of the day or rather the session, Delta is a live, open and collaborative project and we are there to support those who want to try help with UI, code, documentation, trainings, testing or organizational aspects of the evolving Delta Chat effort.

Attendants do not require special knowledge about end-to-end-encryption, or be programmers. The session is open for anyone curious and interested about Delta Chat.

Talkers: Ksenia Ermoshina, Bjoern Petersen, Holger Krekel and friends