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Description An application for designing, simulating and analyzing the behaviour of LTI (linear time-invariant) systems using Signal Flow Graphs (SFG). The solutions are computed symbolically and parameters can be tweaked in real time.
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Tags Assembly:Swis.S, DPSFG, SFG, Symbolic, Dynamic System
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I was annoyed with how hard it is to use Simulink or SciLab's Xcos and how time consuming it is to tweak parameters (requires a "recompile" every time you change something).

TFP has two major design goals in mind:

1) All outputs update immediately, as you change things. This is achieved by computing the system's state transition matrix and matrix transfer function symbolically whenever the system's structure changes, allowing a very fast re-evaluation of the system's behaviour when tweaking parameters.

2) The editor needs to be *fast* and not waste my time. Signal-Flow Graphs (SFG) are a more elegant representation of dynamic systems and an editor is being developed to facilitate drawing these. The difference between Simulink's graphs and SFGs can be seen here:

The application is still in its very early stages. Most of the math has been implemented but is not yet exposed through the UI.