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Description A-NOC is a bunch of people interested in supporting political events with technical infrastructure
Has website
Persons working on Revo
Tags network, activist, anarchist hackers, politics
Located at assembly Assembly:Anarchist
Other projects...


A-NOC (Activist Network Operation Center) is a loose collection of individuals who are interested in supporting political events such as protest camps with technical infrastructure. It was first announced on 33C3 <> and formed an encrypted mailing list (which hasn't been too active recently).

Out of this group different people supported an ecological protest camp in 2016 and the G20 protest camps in 2017 respectively. Others joined the conversation after a workshop on A-NOC's G20 activities during Hack-On 2017.

We would love to see people connecting on 34C3, in order to form some kind of community for being able to re-use the recent lessons-learned and possibly hardware during upcoming events. A long-term goal might even be a prepared setup, which is mobile and easy to roll out in action.