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Contact vollkorn, jinxx
Description We provide sightseeing tours for technical enthusiasts.
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There is a world outside the congress building

Hackertours started with the idea in mind, that many visitors not from the citiy the congress is in only experience the congress building and their hotel room. But there is so much more fun tech stuff to see in the city. So why not organize tours to add some extra fun to your congress visit?

New location, new things to see!

We found as many interesting things to do in Leipzig as we did in Hamburg. For our first year in Leipzig we have the following tours arranged:

  • Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS) (booked out)
  • Stasi Museum (only a few seats left)
  • Letterpress Museum. This is the place to be for typo nerds with an interest in printing press technology!
  • Leipzig Airport agreed on tours, while Hamburg Airport always turned us down!

More information and reservations

Read up on more detailed descriptions of the tours and reserve your seats in our booking system!

How hackertours works

Hackertours is not a tour provider. We just arrange and pre-book tours with different tour providers we think would be interesting to congress visitors. Then we offer the seats on these tours through our webpage. You pay only the price the tour costs and all the money goes to the tour providers. We will arrange to go to the tour sites together and find the best price for public transportation to get there.

34c3 public transport ticket

To get to all locations you will need a public transport ticket. Good thing there is a public transport ticket offered by the Congress. This will help you to get around and to most of the tour sites (not including the airport).