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/dev/zero +* 2mx2m "shooting range" required for BalloonShooter * maybe we will bring a big canvas to support camera in detecting balloons, but a wall would be good too. * being in the dark is also ok  +


3D Hackspace +Need some space for the 3D printers. Details have been mailed to c3-assemblies mailing list.  +
3D-Printing +Best practice was to not have a big round table but normal tables instead, since 3d printers fit better on normal tables. if it´s a big round table we need at least 2-3 other tables to be able to reach and operate the printers and stuff. Also we need like 4qm standing place for the küschenschrank drucker and the mobile printing station. My guess is 7 normal tables and 4 qm free space would be good.  +


AG DSN +* We'd need an uplink for our switch, last year we had a 10G fiber optics connection. ** the switch provided cabled internet to multiple assemblies in the area of our assembly * last year we were able to tie our banner to the railing of the second floor in the area of the cage  +
ALLES CTF Team +Some of our members are also CCCFr members, so we'd be happy to be somewhere in the general proximity in the Hackcenter. Or maybe join forces.  +
Anagrom Ataf +We liked the quiet area at 31C3 :) We would prefer brighter light than last year.  +
Anarchist Village +could we have 5 sofas please? :) Would it be possible to get POTS line from eventphone?  +
Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung / Datenschutzraum e.V. +This is just to get AK Vorrat on the assembly list. We would be glad to find a table near noisy square...  +
Assembly der Informatikfachschaften (AIF) +If possible we want a place in the main Hackcenter. Some of our members are also active in the "Chaos Darmstadt", "Freifunk", "Binary Kitchen Regensburg" assemblies. Thus being close to those assemblies would be perfect. Members of our assembly will be present on Day0 so that we can hopefully assist with finding a good place.  +
Attraktor +We need a wall for a beamer, we need power for beamer, we need outlets for soldering workshops  +


Backspace +basically the same spot like the last 2 years. was quite good  +
Bare Metal Arduino +We are working with Mitch to support his Arduino workshops in the same main hall on the ground floor. We were there last year and a table in this hall would b great so that Mitch can direct people to us.  +
BlinkenArea +If possible, placement near the POC desk would be great. ST has already discussed this with orga to some degree, and they seem to approve. We'd like some extra rectangular(!) tables for showcasing projects, and a large round table (or equivalent size of other tables) for the soldering workshop. I estimate we can provide a minimum of 6, probably 8 soldering places for the workshop. Additional chairs for people wanting to watch, chat or waiting for a free soldering iron would be appreciated, too.  +
Bogonauten +Subassemblie of AIF -> so same place as them. Quiet place preferred since we will provide some talks (not quite sure, if this will take place at the assembly or a to be reserved room like Hall C.X), but loud place will be ok.  +
Bytewerk +Since we only have a small floor- and deskspace in our hackerspace our gear is compact and mobile. It fits within a few boxes. 1 Gbit of ethernet for a switch to plug in will suffice.  +


C-base +We will build a wall between Chaos West and the c-base assembly (Eiserner Cybervorhang).  +
C3D2 +We plan to setup a switch on our desk, we plan to have colorful lights on our desk, therefore a power source at our assembly is required.  +
C3PB +1x 10GbE uplink would be nice.  +
C3S +would be great to be near the fsfe assembly again, as we've already planned sessions together. we would like to have a LAN calble to our assembly for a switch we bring.  +
CAGE UK +We would like to be placed near other organisations who are relevant to our work such as WAU and Courage Parent assembly: Noisysquare was selected by mistake and we can't remove it. From what we understand WAU is next to Noisysquare but not part of it.  +
CCCFr +2m x 1.5m area for augmented reality sandbox + walking space  +
CCCS +shackspace  +
CHT / Totalism Hackbase +We're planning to host a few self-organized sessions in some small available room that we can find.  +
CONGRESS SEWING CIRCLE +We need at least two tables for cutting and 3 for the machines (1 per maschine). The machines do need power (~100w each). People will move around from cutting tables to the machine table, so it should not be to cramped.  +