Description Art installation - a kinetic light sculpture. This piece is created with Arduino and has a normal controller and a wearable interface - it is a collaboration between hackers and artists. It needs a tall dark space, like in the Anti Error Lounge - it goes as high as we want.
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Located at assembly Anti Error Lounge
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SpaceTime Helix is a light sculpture - basically a spinning standing wave in a white rubber string, forming a large helicoid up to the roof. The string can be played to create different shapes.

The circuitry and light systems were developed collaboratively since 2011 together with the hacker space ToLabaki in Crete, the Tinkerlab at Schmiede 2012/13 in Austria and with Stratos Bichakis from Athens.

The SpaceTime Helix can be controlled manually by the audience, but also by a performer using a corset breathing sensor (developed by Mika Satomi. The corset uses eeonyx stretch fabric which is read out with Arduino Lilypad and sent to the Helix controller via xbee.

SpaceTime Helix was exhibited in Germany at Max Planck Institute of Astrophysics, in Vienna at the Museum Quartier, in Hallein at Schmiede 2012/13, at Ted X in Heraklion at Ted X in Athens, in the MetaLab in Vienna and many more place.

The helix needs a high and dark space - a corner in the Anti Error Lounge would be the best.

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