Description openage is a free software age of empires clone in opengl, c++14 and python.
Has website
Persons working on Azrael, Jj, Mic e
Tags game, python, c++, real-time-strategy, software
Located at assembly StuStaNet, OpenLab Augsburg
Other projects...

In development since 2013, openage continues to be improved by an international community :)

New this year:

  • Basic map generation
  • Resources
  • Teams
  • Building construction
  • Some rudimentary GUI

Up and coming is a new renderer supporting OpenGL >= 3 and Vulkan.

Still much to be done: Just pick an issue and work on it!

Or join our irc #sfttech on

The "main devs" focused more on creating Kevin-CI this year, to replace the current Travis continuous integration for openage.

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