Description an english language, free (as in freedom) cretive-commons-share-alike licensed magazine to bring the ideals and ideas of the free software movement to pepole outside the nerd-bubble, especially to teachers, schools and students. .
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The magazine is to date a blog and a podcast. If enough articles are written everyone is free to make magazines out of them or include those articles for his own projects, like student/shool newspapers. Wanted are (written or spoken) reports about conferences like the 32c3 and (free software/open hardware) projects. Wanted are also articles about the areas where hacking touches education (shools). Only More articles are needed.

Only criterium is that the whole article is cc-by-sa 4.0 licensed. Nothing is paid for authors, but each author can write donation addresses of his choice (bitcoin, flattr, paypal etc) to his article so that readers can donate directly to authors.