Description Build a real-time visualization of self-diagnosis based on Wikipedia pageviews data.
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Ideally, we would get data on pageviews of Wikipedia care-related articles (Wikipedia pageviews stats:, updated hourly) as follows:

  • In real time.
  • reporting the article visited
  • articles are included in the visualization if (a) they are part of the medicine project or (b) they are close to the medicine project in the network of articles. "Close" here is defined with network metrics: eg. is_close = 1 iff edges to articles in the medicine project >= 2)

With these data we can build a visualization of the world and literally watch humanity look for collective-intelligence built knowledge on medicine and care. It should nicely make the general point that communities already play an important role in care, as well as open the door for all sort of interesting correlations.

In an ideal world, we would find a way to assign each visit to a country or region via IP. IP data are not in the dumps, though they must exist in the log files.

Our first goal is a deep understanding of Wikipedia's data structure. Get in touch with Alberto ( alberto - at - edgeryders - dot - eu) if you are interested.

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