Description Learning from each other how to survive and thrive in the post-job economy.
Members Albertocottica, Rysiek, Tgoorden
Projects Visualizing self-diagnosis
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
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Tags network science, unmonastery, care
Registered on 10 November 2015 09:58:30
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes * informal lecture + workshop on health policy and why health care is so terminally broken
  • hacking project: visualizing self-diagnosis. Building a real-time visualization of people accessing Wikipedia articles on medicine and care.
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Brings Just laptops and small things to make the place more homely.
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 5
Extra seats 20
Assembly specification want quiet place, want sit public, want bright light
Planning notes
past congress review We had an assembly at 31C3. We were happy with it, thank you!

Learning from each other how to survive and thrive in the post-job economy. Based in 30+ countries. Come say hi!

This year we will hold some discussions and hacking activities around a vision of community-driven health and social care. More information:

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