Description A web app offering machine-readable character sheets for role-playing games.
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Located at assembly Tomorrowland - Gaming utopia dystopia
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CharXChange offers players of role-playing games a place where they can host their characters. Its XML-based data format is system-agnostic and relies on system-specific templates designed by more experience users to get new users started faster.

The idea of CharXChange was born to help us with our virtual gaming table setup which consists of a Mumble server and a DiceBot. CharXChange already integrates nicely with this setup. If you want to give it a try, feel free to connect at our Mumble Server at and set an URL to a character at CharXChange as your Mumble user comment.

We are still in closed Alpha but are happy to offer invites to almost everybody who requests one because we think getting feedback at an early stage is important.

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