Description Support of wireless ad-hoc mode on routers and mobile devices has been systematically neglected over the years. We are starting an awareness campaign to push manufacturers and OS developers to change this. Get information here, or stay and help us organize it!

We're in #rams on hackint and freenode.

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The IEEE 802.11 standard includes a mode of operation, called ad-hoc or IBSS mode, that does not require an access point to control communication between wireless devices. Every device in the network can communicate directly with another device in range. Potential usage scenarios include:

  • emergency response in catastrophes,
  • circumvention of surveilled or hostile infrastructure,
  • censorship-resistant communication,
  • free local community networks, etc.

Since at least 2008, smartphone users and software developers have been requesting ad-hoc mode support. Curiously (or suspiciously *puts on tinfoil hat*) their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Current workarounds to this problem do not work on all phone models and are inefficient, unreliable and limited in terms of functionality.

Additionally, wireless mesh initiatives are limited to a narrow selection of routers, since only few manufacturers support ad-hoc mode properly.

We want to coordinate a campaign to change this.

Our goal is to first organize people who are interested in fixing this crippling issue and establish contacts with a wide range of organizations that could benefit from ad-hoc mode to lobby for proper implementation of this standard by manufacturers and mobile OS developers. This assembly is a place to gather the interested parties and plan our next steps.

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