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Description International Freifunk and wireless community assembly (formerly aka "wireless corner").
Members 3D, Adorfer, Aeroid, Alex-k, Alexander, Andi98, Andibraeu, Andre, Andrenarchy, Barbarossa, Bdobe, Beseb, Bitnapper, Bitstacker, Bodems, Burnus, Chra, Chrische, Dan nrw, Datacop, Dereulenspiegel, Descilla, Devfoo, Docloy, Dreadman, Eberle, Ec8or, Einalex, Entil'Zha, Eriu, Eskorte, Flip, Foaly, Fuzzle, Genofire, Gesche, Herrbett, Hexa-, Hpdang, Indigo, Jaybee, Jom, Kantorkel, Kokel, L3akage, Lars, Leroy, Magu, Major, Mammut … further results
Projects Refugees Emancipation Donation Box
Self-organized Sessions DN42 Meetup, EU-Richtlinie zum Router Lockdown, Update zu FCC, Freifunk - Worst Practises, Freifunk Advisory Council Meetup, Freifunk Hamburg Jahresrückblick, Freifunk Hilft, Freifunk Vereine - Erkenntnisse aus Beratungsterminen, Freifunk Webteam Meetup, GSoC Mentor Meetup - Freifunk
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Registered on 9 November 2015 20:07:02
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
Self-organized session notes
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Brings We are trying to bring some walls made of wood to sepearte places.

Also will place 4-5 couches. If possible we are looking forward to bring a Hüpfburg. We provide a Donation Box for Smartphones/Tablets/Headsets to collect mobile Devices for Refugees Emancipation e.V.

Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 40
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification want quiet place, loud place ok, want sit public, special requirements other stated below
Planning notes Some of us are going to be there on from the 24th of december.

It might be a good option to deliver some things to storage of the LOC. We might like to bring a bällebad or we might like to bring a hüpfburg. Some couches for small groups talking about some topics would be really nice. Since we offer help to flash routers we'd like to be able to run temporary own wifi networks.

past congress review I've had very limited space the didn't gave enough space to all people visiting us.

Further planning notes:

We provide a Donation Box for Smartphones/Tablets/Headsets to collect mobile Devices for Refugees Emancipation e.V.

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