Description Mobile peer-to-peer mesh networking library for iOS and Android apps.
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Tags mesh networking, p2p, mobile
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Underdark is mobile peer-to-peer mesh networking library that integrates into iOS and Android apps and works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


- Allows apps on mobile devices to auto-discover and connect to each other via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without any intervention from the user and without using any Internet connection. Works both in foreground and background app modes.

- Allows asynchronous transfer of messages, photos and sounds — all without freezing the UI of the app.

- Routes messages from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth-connected devices and vice versa — so devices with turned off Wi-Fi will receive all the same data via Bluetooth.

- Works between Android<—>Android or between iOS<—>iOS via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

- Works between iOS<—>Android via infrastructure Wi-Fi only.


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