Description Intergalaktische Club Mate Party - Every two years the ICMP takes place at the source of all Mate and we have a great time. So why not have fun the other years as well...
Members Anola, Arctus, Avi, Beowulf, Blackwing, Codemonk, Corby, Fabianurban, Faheus, Fuma, Hase, Holzi, Iridium, Izibi, Koomi, Maiski, Maxfragg, Mightymo, Mullet, Nathanel, Neobrain, Nightvisi0n, Noqqe, Noya, PoempelFox, Raim, Rincewind1, Sabel, Schumi, Siccegge, Stargo, Stettberger, Struppi, Traumtaenzer, Tronjr, Vaxr, Vilwarin, Windfisch, Ypnos, Zogan
Projects Herbstluftwm, Meetling
Self-organized Sessions Wordclock Workshop:
Related to assembly Bytewerk, CCC-CH, Pr0gramm
Tags fablab, bavaria, franconia, herbstluftwm
Registered on 20 November 2015 16:25:33
Location for self-organized sessions no
Self-organized session notes - Wordclock Workshop

- Herbstluftwm winterbreeze dev meeting - Maybe an ICMP8 Assessment center

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Orga contact
Brings Fablab equipment
Character of assembly place to show and meet
Seats needed 40
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification special requirements power
Planning notes
past congress review We are long-time regular participants at the congress and camp.

Last year: "FAU FabLab", "FAUlty" assemblies The year before: "FAUlty Assembly" It was always a blast!

An ICMP* at the Congress!

Intergalaktische Club Mate Party (although we chill more, than actually partying) We are mostly from the CCC Erlangen / Bits'n'Bugs, University of Erlangen and the FAU FabLab, but others are welcome too!

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