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Description Just a little workshop to build a small USB Midicontroller for several control purposes such as DJing, VJing, etc.

You can also use it to control your favorite music player (foobar2000 , etc.)

Soldering experience would be cool, programming skills are not required. Limited to 15 People per session. Costs for the hardware (arduino, pots, encoders,...) will be around 15-20 Euro (depends on how many pots, encoders etc). We will build funny cases and jogwheels with cardboard or LEGO (look at the homepage for examples).

Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) hardware, art, music
Tags midi, workshop, soldering, arduino, dj, vj
Person organizing Petrosiliuszwaggelmann
Language de - German, en - English
de - German, en - English
Other sessions...


Subtitle Workshop1
Starts at 2014/12/27 13:00
Ends at 2014/12/27 16:00
Duration 180 minutes
Location Hardware Hacking Area

Subtitle Workshop2
Starts at 2014/12/30 13:00
Ends at 2014/12/30 16:00
Duration 180 minutes
Location Hardware Hacking Area

My aim with this workshop is to keep the costs as low as possible to motivate as many people as possible to build some funny controllers.

You can control music, visuals, ... with just a few wires and some cardboard or LEGO...

You could also build cases with a 3D-printer! (I dont have one but there are several at the congress)

I hope i can organize some cardboard which we can work with. Bring your useless shoe carton, they are good cases! :)

You can either buy a kit for a standard-dj-controller or build a custom controller.

The standard-dj-controller-kit will consist of:

  • 1xArduino Nano Clone
  • 1xUSB Mini Cable
  • 3xEncoders (20ppr with switch +Knobs)
  • 2xAlps Pots (+Knobs)
  • 2xFaders
  • 8xButtons

The Arduino cannot handle more IO (without additional tricks).

Price for the kit will be 15-20€. Need to calculate the exact price.
Custom controllers will have a custom price based on how many pots, encoders, buttons you want to use :)


Hardware Hacking Area ( now its there as its not possible at the lounge )


  1. Presentation 20 minutes
    1. Elektronics basics
    2. How to program the Arduino
    3. How to map the midi in your software ( MIXXX for Linux, Ableton, Traktor )
    4. Controller layout examples
    5. Case examples (Cardboard, Lego, etc )
  2. Hacking


  • Basic soldering skills



DJ Set with selfmade LEGO-Controller at day 2 - 2pm:


(26.12.2014)=> A few places left!

Needed to change the location to the hardwarehackingarea.