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Description Some basic stuff from Karate, Shinson Hapkido Taijiquan and other Martial Arts

Some Partner work from the Taijiquan and so on open for all

Type Workshop
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Tags Martial Arts, Kampfkunst, Taijiquan
Processing assembly Move that body
Person organizing Honc
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Subtitle Hands on Martial Arts
Starts at
Ends at 2021/07/06 10:04
Duration 60 minutes
Location Hall 14

Martial Arts are Fun!

In this workshop i will show some basic aspects of my Martial Arts some easy to learn stuff that will provide tools to deal with Stress Contact, Conflict and other interpersonal 'things'.

This might be interesting for beginners and people who had experience.

Kid are welcome too!

To get an idea what i am talking about you can look up our (sorry :)) German website

So don't be shy i got way's to making you move.