Hacking capitalism: IT organisations, structures and services to support the societal transformations

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Description A workshop to exchange and discuss ideas on who is doing and how to shape a community-based and oriented IT, capable of supporting emerging social movements and citizens initiatives beyond capitalism.
Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, political, web, security
Tags community-supported IT, DIYISP
Processing assembly DIYISP
Person organizing Gandhiano
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Starts at 2014/12/30 11:30
Ends at 2014/12/30 12:30
Duration 60 minutes
Location DIYISP

This workshop will consist of a short presentation of the Ecobytes model for community-based IT, as well as of any other collectives that seek to provide non-commercial/post-capitalist/solidarity models of development and service provision.

Aspects like such as decentralized networks, solidarity economic models, agile development for the grassroots, "hacking around" legal obligations, survival and fair payment of admins/developers, among many others, are invited to be brought to this interactive session.

We will try to map possibilities, have an exchange around the topic and, depending on the interest of the participants, attempt to establish cooperation between cooperatives.

If you are an willing hacker frustrated with your commercial, capitalist work and want to help/join such a collective with your skills, this can be an ideal space for a first contact.

Feel free to edit this text and add your proposed input to the session!