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Description we mostly play house and disco music. but don't wonder if you catch us playing hiphop, soulful electronic music in general or doing a madass analog live-show of our own tracks!
Type Other
Kids session No
Keyword(s) music
Tags Lounge, Music
Person organizing Dj-spock
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Subtitle dj-set
Starts at 2014/12/30 23:00
Ends at 2014/12/31 00:00
Duration 60 minutes
Location Lounge

If you have spent any time around the Berlin / Hamburg clubbing axis in the last few years you are probably already aware of the rising phenomenon that is Deo & Z-man. A pair of regular superheroes with a talent for bringing a wide range of vibes to the club floor, their recent signing to hometown tastemakers hafendisko will be a chance for everybody else to join in on the fun.

The brothers hail from Hamburg, by way of Italy - their father a professional musician whose rock band dived headlong into playing the Reeperbahn whore houses, back street bars and seedy clubs of his adopted home city.

It would be fair to say this lust for life rubbed off or the impressionable boys - after years of carrying guitars and amps and hooking up cables for their dad, they started building their own musical legacy as teenagers. Aided by understanding parents, the brothers borrowed some analog gear, found a space and started experimenting with their first passion – hip-hop. This being the 90s, it wasn’t long before the whole musical spectrum opened up – from garage to trip hop to drum ’n’ bass and on to house and techno – the floodgates had opened and Deo & Z-man had found their calling.

Working on tracks through the week and performing each weekend, Deo & Z-man were following in their father’s footsteps - the natural rhythm of artists working to keep music at the centre of their lives and everything else in the background. The boys started laying down beats in all styles, their love for music never ghettoized into any one genre. A common theme running though all their tracks and performances however, is one many fans will instantly recognize - an innately musical sensibility that also translate to the club. And these guys have some serious credentials when it comes to moving dance floors. From the early days getting switched on to electronic music in Hamburg, Deo & Z-man have built up a ferociously exciting reputation for rocking parties - evidenced by their long running residency at Hamburg’s legendary Golden Pudel Club.

Their reputation has been built on innovative and open-minded live performances performed with a mixture of analog and digital gear, and DJ sets that sparkle with creativity. One thing they have been sure to maintain throughout their work is something that is often forgotten in the electronic music landscape – a rare talent for injecting their work with a sense of humour and a flair for fun. It’s this irreverent attitude that had led to memorably devastating performances at Fusion Festival and Golden Gate Club in Berlin, and led them to be much in demand at some of the most respected parties in Europe.

Take a glimpse at their releases over the past five years and it’s clear to see how the brothers have created such a buzz –tracks on Klasse, Opossum and Compost Black Label have highlighted a rare skill to mix styles without losing focus, and to mix musicality with innovation. Also releasing and performing under the nomme de guerre Mafiosi Bros, the guys operate somewhere within the house and techno continuum but are not defined by it, their wide-ranging influences are always on display, informing their work and beat-making at every level. Now with an upcoming album due on hfn, it’s time Deo & Z-man took their superhero mission to the next level – saving the world from the dull and achieving total world domination in the process.