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Description Only in the 19th century the formal study of non-Euclidean geometry started and was not able to construct physical models.

But yes: we can. We will crochet various hyperbolic planes as we found them in nature. Colored and beautiful. Use it as yarnbombs for Guerilla Knitting, decoration, space models, keyrings and many other things.

Type Workshop
Kids session No
Keyword(s) social, art, inside
Tags crochet, crocheting, hyperbolic planes, hyperboles, geometry
Processing assembly CCCFr
Person organizing Medusa
Language de - German, en - English
de - German, en - English
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Subtitle Crocheting the CCC Reef
Starts at 2014/12/27 13:00
Ends at 2014/12/27 14:45
Duration 105 minutes
Location Hall 14

Art, Nature, Geometry and Crochet: the perfect Handwork for 31C3

Many inhabitants in the coral reef have very peculiar forms and structures. Kelp, corals, nudibranch, seashells etc. have a special geometry known as hyperbolic geometry In 1997 Dr Daina Taimina found a way to represent this structure in three dimensions by crocheting. This was the proof of Non-Euclidean geometry, general relativity and maybe the ulitmate shape of our universe

I took part of the first German Reef, the Föhr Reef which actually can be viewed in Munic at Deutsches Museum.

Take another look at the beauties of a reef and just fancy: we will create incomparable belles in the same way. We'll start with a small presentation but then immediately move our hooks. You can choose which form you want to start with: a kelp, a hyperbolic plane, a jellyfish, whatever.

Maybe we'll show our results at one place at the Congress.

Who can take part?

It's not a workshop for absolute beginners in crochet, but if you need some refreshment: no problem. I'm sure there are always people willing to help.

Supplies you need to bring with?

Crochet hooks and yarn for the first ten participians are available for free!

At the CCCFr Assembly there will be a participiant's list. Please note on the list whether you'll need yarn and needles.

In case you'll bring your own supplies:

  • skeins / balls of yarn in different colors. All colors are welcome, any yarn is right. This project is very effective to reduce leftovers.
  • crochet hook(s) matching to yarn

Please register at the CCCFr Assembly, there will be a list for participants. And please tell us whether you'll need yarn and needles.

I made a little video of one of my planes.

The workshop takes place on Day 1 in Hall 14, 1:00 - 3:00 pm Should you miss the session but want to participate anyway, you may want to contact me via e-mail or DECT 5648 for I'm usually busy as a Congress Angel.