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Description Personal Volatile Encrypted Email Platform

cipherFennec is an API providing Email Relay. It is designed to avoid email ads and tracking by common cloud email platforms. It is developed just for fun but I hope someone could get inspired.

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Tags Encryption, Email, Encrypt-Email-API
Person organizing Hiromi
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The concept is utterly simple: .: User A sends only encrypted emails to a single email address -> their cipherFennec relay. .: Email are encrypted with public key of the cipherFennec relay .: User A includes a simple header (in the email body) that the cipherFennec relay is able to interpret:

   .: to:
   .: PGP/GPG: none || public_key

- if PGP/GPG: none

   .: User B receives email decrypted from cipherFennec relay address.
   .: User B will receive and reply to email normally. Reply-to is set to the cipherFennec relay address.
   .: cipherFennec relay will encrypt email with User A public key.
   .: User A will receive email encrypted from cipherFennec relay address.

- if PGP/GPG: public_key

   .: User A encrypts email with User B public key. 
   .: User A encrypts header with cipherFennec public key.
   .: cipherFennec decrypts email and forward it.
   .: User B receives email encrypted from cipherFennec relay address. Replay-to is set to cipherFennec relay.
   .: User B normally writes and encrypts email for user A.
   .: cipherFennec relay receives email and forward it to user A without touching it.

User A can use cloud email messaging without having their communication tracked or targeted for ads. Their recipients are kept private. Their email text too.

cipherFennec is only a proof of concepts to avoid email targeting for ads and such. It is not meant as a secure tool.