Cheese rendezvous

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Description Lets enjoy cheeses and related condiments together!
Type Meeting
Kids session No
Keyword(s) food
Tags cheese, tasting, food hacking base
Processing assembly Food Hacking Base
Person organizing Algoldor
Language en - English
en - English
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Subtitle each session lasts for 90 min, starting at 18:00; 19:30 and 21:00
Starts at 2014/12/29 18:00
Ends at 2014/12/29 22:30
Duration 270 minutes
Location Food Hacking Base

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This event became one of our most popular gatherings where people share their love and expertise dedicated to the cheeses and related condiments. International sortiment will be available. Mottos for this event are “bring and share” and “higher quality better”.The time is likely to be Day 3 starting around 20:00 at Food Hacking Base assembly, one session lasting for around one to one and half hours, two to three session will be most likely held. For cheesemaking workshop please visit here.

Now in more detail. This is a continuation of our previous cheese tasting events which we found very enjoyable and great “ice breaker” for people to come and talk, share and join. The idea is to have a high quality samples representing the most important “segments” of the cheese world, like soft cheeses, hard cheeses, blue cheeses, smoked cheeses etc. many of them internationally renown. Second line is to bring locally specific cheeses, that treasure which just “you” know of or/and high quality organic cheeses from grass fed beef/goat etc. Last but not least the direction which we promote over the years and is growing steadily in numbers and quality are the cheeses which you make by yourself and bring to share, that is what matters!

If you want to come bring some cheese or related condiments like sun dried tomatoes, olives, wine etc. or/and just put some cash in donation box, thank you! The amount to bring is up to you, it’s better to bring less but better quality and broader selection, 200 g per cheese sample to start with sounds reasonable? You can just donate your condiment and taste it all, if you can chip few euros it will help to cover some of the more expensive samples and some basic selection provided by fhb, plus it would be used for people who ask for reimbursement, which is fine with us - if the later is the case please get in touch with us in advance if possible. Any extra cash left behind will go towards covering costs related to the fhb build up and set up at 31c3 and next hacker events like next CCC summer camp.

Anyway if you are interested in please send us a message on our mail discuss list or Facebook group, add your “darling” to the treasure list below and please sign up, the interest is growing but showing up should be fine too but you may have to wait for the next session.

This year we will be also having cheesemaking workshop focused on Mozarella, so if you want to learn the basics of the art of cheesemaking or improve your skills you should definitely sign up for this one.