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"How to survive 31c3" CryptoParty +A network full of hackers can be quite intimidating. We want to address all the questions many of the new visitors might have or regulars might be too afraid to ask by now. And if not all of them then the most urgent ones. The ones that keep your password from being projected onto a wall screen.  +


$(pwgen 10 1) +Some friends from Karlsruhe.  +


'Starbucks franchises personally managed by Joseph Stalin' and other avenirs of the Internet +Departing from the text of Hito Steyerl 'Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead?', the lecture-workshop organised by Avenir Institute (Denis Maksimov & Timo Tuominen) will focus on further analytical and philosophical speculations on subject of potentialities ('avenirs'), that the Internet still might deliver in order to disrupt society, politics and economy. The methodology of avenirologic analysis of futures, which the duo has been developing since issuing in the summer 2015 the book 'Introduction of Avenirology: blueprint into metamodern futures', will be presented as the strategy of futuristic inquiries.  +


(proto-)indo-european declension tables +short intro to historical/indo-european linguistics / the reconstruction of proto-indo-european, and my attempts at building declension tables for it via XML/XSLT  +


/dev/lol +Hackerspace from Linz/Austria  +
/dev/tal +Hackerspace Wuppertal  +
/dev/zero +/dev/zero community and friends  +


23x +We are 23x we do stuff. We are the leading Experts in modern Communications-Design. We run a world famous blog with close to 0.002K Hits per Week and also produce a decent Pottkast as well as some very important webapps. At Congress we want to work at some of our projects and our blog-software powered by Ruby on Rails, J2EE, MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle db, MS SQL Server 2008R2 and Visual Basic for Applications.  +
26 Years Attacks on Smartcards +Smart cards and RFIDs are widely used today in manfifold applications, like banking, mobile communications (GSM/SIM), identification and access control. The silicon chip they contain are subject to manifold attacks today and in the future. Newbies, Amateurs, Students, Experts, Nerds are welcome. Beginners Training: Preparation of a chip - removal of the silicon from an RFID label under a microscope. Discussion about historic, actual and new attack scenarios. Tips for the amateur - how to set up your own lab. Discussion round for experts.  +
260DIYChurch +live radio show + open mic for everyone who is interested in getting involved or wants to contribute something. Pls contact me for details  +


31C3 Talkguide +A totally subjective non-official guide for 31C3 talks.  +
31c3 Wimmelbild +I've drawn a super detailed illustration of the ENTIRE congress.  +
3D printing +You need help with your 3d printer? You need spare parts? Come over and we'll help you.  +
3D printing & scanning +Everything with 3d printers or 3d scanners.  +
3D scanning +Get things or yourself scanned in 3d and color!  +


404DeskNotFound +We are a group of friends and colleagues with a background in pentesting.  +
42birds: Drawing for Dummies +This hands-on session is about simple drawing techniques for flipcharts, posters etc.  +
42birds: Hitchhiker's Towel-Yoga +We'll do some Yoga to calm our minds and move them bodies!  +
42birds: Speed Dating for Geeks +Do you want to meet new people? Join us at speed dating for geeks!  +


57North +Hackerspace from Aberdeen, Scotland.  +


A PhD. in Hacking. +A Bachelor, Master or PhD. in Hacking? Well, yes. The how and where, but just as importantly the "why?" will be presented in this lightning talk. This is a real accredited academic title which will be announced at the CCC.  +
A2600 +A2600 is a small project run by 9 people who love their old Atari 2600 and think a cheap open source version of it would kick ass. Thats is why we want to meet at the 31C3 and continue our project of building an Atari 2600 clone based on a lightly modified uzebox. This year we co-host an homematic homebrew developer event. Both projects are related to hardware and firmware hacking and, therefore, should generate some synergies.  +
AA Hackers +We are a bunch of (former) IT-Security students from Aalen University.  +
AK Vorrat +Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung (German Working Group on Data Retention).  +
ATtami - bake a cheap DEV board +assemble an ATtiny85 based DEV board. its made to be cheap (BOM at ~1Euro) but capable. no soldering - its baked!  +
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