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Description We bring a server to index the congress intranet and the public congress pages.
Has website http://yacy.net
Persons working on Orbiter
Tags Search, Searchengine
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We run YaCy instance(s) within the 31C3 intranet to index the congress pages and all the shared stuff. YaCy is a peer-to-peer search engine software, but in the context of the 31C3 we run instances in a so-called 'robinson mode' (they keep an index for themself, but share it to the community or search peers).

Search Portals

We do several:

Congress Search

There is already in advance of the 31C3 a search portal available with an index for this wiki, the ccc home pages, wauland etc. The result is ranked in such a way that they prefer most current pages about 31C3 while the search also finds all old congress pages as well. Here is it: http://31c3.yacy.net/

FTP Search

As usual, there will be a lot of stuff here, we try to find all of it from the colocation servers and all servers that are occasionally online wherever you are at the conference. We will set it up on the first conference day at an conference-internal IP address.

Android App

We made an Android search app for the congress! It uses the the 31c3.yacy.net search portal as backend:

Join In!

We like to hear your comments and wishes for search applications and try to create that within the time of the 31C3. Please tweet your comments and wishes to our file search @yacy_search