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Description A somewhat open and independent internet radio station.
Has website
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Tags Radio, Krautchan, Python
Located at assembly Berndcon
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I’m pleased to announce that RfK will be “officially” participating in this year’s Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) in Hamburg later this year! In other words: I've created this page for RfK and added it to the Krautchan related Assembly called “Berndcon”.

This basically means, that we’ll have a dedicated space at 31C3 for fellow Bernds and interested people to hang around, ask questions or participate. Most likely we will also bring our broadcasting equipment with us for others to use, which should hopefully result in some kind of Krautchan related congress radio shows.

If you feel like doing a show with us or even want to help adding new features to RfK drop by and say hello! This is also a great opportunity to grab some free Heinrich stickers, in case you don’t already have some. :3

See you in Hamburg! ( ≖‿≖)