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Description KryoFlux is an USB floppy controller, which can read almost every floppy format ever created and can create preservation-quality dumps for emulation and writing back to other floppies.
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Persons working on TobiX
Tags retro, floppy, preservation
Located at assembly C4
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As last year, we will have a KryoFlux device at the C4 assembly, so if you brought your old floppies, you can use it to create preservation-quality dumps of it. The KryoFlux was created by The Software Preservation Society to archive games and software while preserving copy-protection schemes and other imperfections of the original media.

If you want your floppies imaged, contact TobiX.

Disclaimer: This is not an official presence of the KryoFlux project, only a service of the C4.

Looking for hardware

  • We are always interested in old floppy drives to help with this project.
  • 2-bay 5,25" SCSI enclosure to put the drives into...

Maker wanted

We are still looking for some maker/tinkerers/small hardware technicians who are able to modify a 5,25" drive to read "flippy" disks (e.g. C64 floppies). Contact TobiX if you are interested.