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Description Pixelated is a secure Open Source email solution
Has website https://pixelated-project.org/
Persons working on Varac
Tags gpg, leap, email
Located at assembly Noisy Square
Other projects...


Why Pixelated - the problems we are trying to solve

Mass surveillance Email communication can be subject to dragnet surveillance. If we can achieve widespread use of secure communication, it will be too costly to routinely intercept the majority of communication on the internet. This does not mean that a motivated adversary will not be able to intercept specifically targeted communication, but it should end mass surveillance on the scale we have to endure today.

Centralisation In the current context, there is a high degree of concentration with regards to where the information that circulates through email is actually stored. If we can make it easy for organisations to host communication infrastructure, there will be less dependency on the major service providers, making it harder to obtain or compromise individual’s communication.