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Description HamRadio, hacking and making. We do everything with electronics which makes fun, develop stuff which makes your daily life easier, help you to understand the matter of electronics and so on. We are the average maker with the need to overkill.

Amateurfunk, hacking und basteln. Alles was spass macht, den Alltag erleichtert, helfen bei verstehen und basteln und von bis. Wir sind die verschärften Durchschnitsfrickler mit einer dezenter Neigung zu übertreiben.

Members Dm1ri, Dr.Bob, Ijon Tichi, Jan, Malte, S4ra
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Related to assembly Linux-Call-Router
Tags maker, hamradio, hacking, hardware, microcontroller, electronics
Registered on 23 October 2014 02:24:06
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
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Brings Tools for Measurement of Highfrequenzies (Osziloscpe 100mhz, Fgen fcounter)

Tools for working with elecronics, screwdrivers soldering iron "zangen" and everything you will need to build or repair something

HamRadio-Transcievers, Tv (for testing and demonstration)

A homemade 34 Port "Steckdosenleiste" - so a "Kraftstromanscluss" will be great! some wishes are listed in Planning notes.

GSM equipment like huge antennas and an BTS Coffee Maker some vintage telephones

Seats needed 5
Extra seats 2
Assembly specification 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes Last 2 years we just came and took the desk near eventphone and LCR, it would be perfect if we could get THIS desk agian! the desk is marked yellow.

it will be nice if we can get a 16A or 32A CEE Plug for our 34 port "steckdosenleiste" I have plugs for 16A Schuko up to 32A CEE. 16A or 32A CEE will be perfect so we dont have to watch verry hard when we plug in the coffeheater and when the servers Boot up :D if a CEE connection is not possible we will to watch for our loads.

I have a 40m 16A CEE cable so Im a little flexible!

Please contact if we can get our desk of the last years and if we can get a great power connection :)


Location and Seats

We like to be located close to the LCR, in order to simplify communication with our friends. This requires 6 seats.


Bastler die vor nichts halt machen und für jeden Fall gewappnet sind. Wir haben viele Messgeräte und Werkzeuge für verschiedenste Sachen dabei und können gut improvisieren, denn ein Provisorium hält am längsten! Von Mikrocontroller bis zur GSM BTS ist alles dabei, beim Congress wird an einem Crypto Hardware chat und an einem GSM Mobilfunknetz gebastelt.



We will bring a GSM BTS and try to connect it with the Open BSC Project and do some freakin GSM Stuff. We will also provide some Real-life GSM antennas.


We will continue to develop an open source automatic measurement system for electronic devices like audio-amplifiers and stuff. If you want to help come and join us.

Cryto Chat

We want to build a chat platform with hardware-generated one-time-keys for an ultimate crypting of the data!


We will bring a lot of tools for everybody, so our desk will look like a workbench! :'D We will also help you to repair your stuff and provide ideas how you can make your project real. We know a lot about circuit board design, How and where to get your parts and how to plan and test everything.