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Contact email:

phone before the congress: +49-4644-973171

phone at the congress: tbd

Description As every year, we provide outside telephone connectivity for the congress. Also we provide helpdesk for telephone questions.
Members Dr.Bob, Jan, Jolly, Tolot
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Registered on 23 September 2014 16:42:05
Location for self-organized sessions maybe
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Orga contact
Brings Our equipment, and again, nice vintage telephone/teletypewriter stuff...

ISDN equipment GSM equipment Coffee Maker Classic TTY with computer interface

Seats needed 6
Extra seats 0
Assembly specification 3. We need something special or in between those options: Please specify in the field planning notes.
Planning notes Again, near eventphone is the best place.


Please visit the Linux-Call-Router page for more information!

Location and Seats

We like to be located close to the PoC, in order to simplify communication with the PoC and to manage GSM helpdesk togeter. This requires 6 seats. Further, we will bring two teletypewriters to send SMS and communicate with each other. The machines require about 3 meters of additional table space.

Also we like to place one teletypewriter close to the entrance where it can be used to chat with us in level one.

Special Projects this year

Vintage telephony and computing

We will have some real vintage telephony and computing equipment. Just be surprised...

Hands on blueboxing

TBD: maybe we will have some bluebox equipment and exchange to play (bluebox) with.... let us know if we really should do a setup.

Interoperability test with OpenBSC

An interface allows Linux-Call-Router to use OpenBSC and a Base Stations to build a GSM network with access to ISDN/DECT phones and the public fixed network. We like to test and improve stability of both GSM and Linux-Call-Router, as we did over the last years.

Teletypewriter Osmocom-BB (BTS)

We will set up a teletypewriter again to send and received SMS.

We use a special interface to connect a teletypewriter to a PC via USB. The SMS is transfered via open source software OsmocomBB, an open source baseband GSM stack. This software is available at Osmocom website.