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The camp takes place on an area which does not provide a sufficient amount of electricity to cover our needs. Deciding whether to set up our own separate transformer or augmenting the power supply through generators was a tough one. Because of financial (and time) constraints, we settled for the latter. As a consequence, there will not be an unlimited amount of power available through a central line. Instead, it will be generated on site by a bunch of generators. While we will try our best to meet all requirements, cannot make any guarantees. Still, most of your needs should be fulfill able if you look out for one another. For example, the power distribution units provide a limited number of outlets. So plan ahead, and, more importantly, talk to your neighbours on how to best divvy (and cable) them up.

What to bring


If your village requested a three-phase current connection, we expect you to bring cables and distributors along yourselves.


Everybody else also should bring their own extensions, since there will not be any available on site. Extra extensions as backup are a good idea.

Equipment lending

There is no official possibility to lend equipment but there is an offer from a hackerspace to lend some equipment for the event, please checkout static:Power/Distribution for the details.


As electricity is a rather rare good please watch your consumption and especially don't bring stuff with big needs like

  • oven
  • deep fryer
  • electrical heating
  • AC

and similar stuff


Spot checks of your power equipment will be carried out throughout the campsite to ensure their proper functioning. Should any of your equipment not be impeccable, its usage will not be permitted.


If you have questions, just send an email to: . We will do our best to sort out any issues. Should you have problems at the camp, we are using the DECT-Number: POWR (7697).


  • The generators have to be refueled, to do so they have to be switched off.
  • We cannot predict how long a full tank of gas will last.
  • We will monitor the consumption in order to make an educated guess so as to predict the next expected downtime and post on a sign on the generator
  • Refueling should take place at most once every 24 hours, and will hopefully not take longer than 30 Minutes.


Last but not least: Availability of electricity will begin on August 11th!


The plan of the distribution Boxes could change till the beginning of the camp. We will try to update it quickly here.
See List of available sockets in the List of Distributionboxes, which also has a link to a map of the distribution.