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Description This is the village where a small tribe of hackers settles. They are mostly from Goettingen, right in the middle of Germany. Since they are a social, friendly bunch, it is expected that they will be joined by people from other locations as well.
Members Emzy, Georg, Hw, Kjo, Krapo, Mieze, Nilpferdschaf, Pieceofpeace, Revisor, Strontium, Thoddi, Wurzelpi, Yela
Projects Pixelflut, Rad1o Sleeve
Self-organized Sessions create self-organized session
Tags pixelflut, camping, freifunk, germany
Registered on
Location for self-organized sessions Maybe
Other villages by tags...
Location 167.78055, 132.27221
Orga contact
Citizens 23
Needs network 2) normal wired Villages describe network needs
Needs power 2) Village with up to 30 citizens (16A CEE 400V)
Power comment We're prepared to bring proper power distribution facilities and a long enough, wet-safe cable.
Village plans ... bring light installations, ... build up a big tent
Village constraints We will provide space to hang out for other camp participants on our village, We like to show the stuff we do
Village comments plans We'll bring a "SG30" (6x6.5m approx.) tent as the village's main tent. In addition to that, the villagers will bring their own small tents which will be assembled around the large one.
Likes to rent a tent No
Descibing tents to rent
Likes to rent chairs
Likes to rent tables
Provides transport for goods, people
Has plans with tracks
Size needed 225 270
Has order interest No
Planning notes We're still planning, but want to create a "Pixelflut" installation. For that, we'll likely build some kind of projection surface. We're not aiming for a massive installation and will probably go for the simplest way possible.


We'll bring "Pixelflut":

We're preparing to hack on the Camp Badge, the rad1o. There'll be a (one-seat, probably) small E-Lab (well, at least some soldering station).

And we're currently testing the feasibility of creating covers for the rad1o - silicone sleeves, to be exact. If the experiments work out well, we'll prepare to create lots of them (*cough*) on the camp site. Update: They look quite good already!

This is also the self-proclaimed embassy of "Freifunk Goettingen". Visit us and talk with us about one of the fastest growing "Freifunk" networks!

List of participants and what to bring is kept in the CCC Göttingen Wiki linked above during the preparation stage.