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Description We help to organize ourself, with messages, location information, event dates and live view of what is going on at the camp.

We provide (not only) a GeoJson API where everyone can post live activities and such events can be shown on a map. We aim to visualize activites at the CCCamp using this framework, starting with temperatures of the Datenklos, Talk event details and all the stuff that you want to announce.

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Persons working on Orbiter
Self-organized sessions create self-organized session
Tags Message, Twitter, IoT, GeoJson
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We made a clone of twitter, we are scraping their data and we provide a portal where you can can freely post messages with more detail as you are used to. We made this framework to provide something open and hackable. The Software, driving this stuff if free and open and available at

You will be able to push your event data with detailed location information so it will be easy to invite people to activities you are doing during the camp. A map will show posted events. Currently seven people are working on that stuff. The architecture is divided into two parts: a server back-end, collecting data as peer-to-peer software (at and a front-end which is currently designed to be a clone of twitter plus a nice map and twitterwall function (at

Please suggest applications to us, just write an issue at