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Description Brew healthy and tasty probiotic drinks for the CCC camp with Food Hacking Base.
Has website
Persons working on Alexander, Algoldor, Eunha
Self-organized sessions
Tags Foodhackingbase, probiotic, brewing, drinks
Located at village Village:Foodhackingbase
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Few examples of probiotic drinks ...

Main goal of this project

Brew by ourselves tasty and healthy probiotic drinks in a well designed efficient way which we document and share, consuming the "products of our efforts" during the CCC 2015 camp and also offering them to others. By drinking these we will both enjoy and decrease the risk of diarrhea.


This project is part of the Food Hacking Base, coordinated in this case by Algoldor and you are welcome to join it. We will work with Kombucha cosmopolita, water kefir (tibicos) and milk kefir probiotic polycultures, also newly using nuruk (누룩) starter for makgeolli (막걸리) brewing. We will use organic ingredients as much as possible creating variety of flavours ranging from classical "black tea kombucha" to ginger beers, root beers, kvass, hibiscus flower or cherry water kefirs you name it! We aim to have at the camp 200-400 l of probiotic drinks. We will test, develop and share recipes for these drinks both before the camp and during the camp. We will promote our brews at the event by tastings and teach people who like them how to make them at our workshops so they can make them at home and their local hackerspaces. We need resources so we can grow up improving it at the future events. If you are interested in participating please do get in touch or contact directly Algoldor. To make this project happen smoothly we will need to raise around €1200. You can support it through our FHB CCC camp 2015 Crowd Sourcing Campaign by getting healthy&tasty probiotic drinks perk (€30) or probiotic drinks everywhere (€50) perk (bitcoins and bank transfer is doable too contact us for info). You can also back up this project by returnable donation/investment which will be given back to you during the CCC camp 2015 (adding some extra presents, for this option again contact Algoldor).


  • 4/8/2015 unbottled kombucha drinks picked up at Brmlab (creation of martinfx) +- 13 l
  • 5/8/2015 the Brmlab brews bottled as KB 6/8/2015 no aditional flavour added
  • 7/8/2015 water kefir brews made by Algoldor flavoured - hibiscus (30 g g of hibiscus) and roasted mate (50 g for +- 10 l) flavours, two crates = 20 l
  • 7/8/2015 new 23 l batch of water kefir started, +- 7% (w/v; 1500 g) of light brown sugar used (unrefined)

Further Details

In the subsequent sections you can find more detailed info about this project.

Time Line

The probiotic drinks take between 7-14 days to brew, and should be aged for another week afterwards if possible, therefore if 12th of August would be deadline for having them ready, we should start the brews around 24-25th of July. This means that the drinks have to be transported to the camp ground after being brewed at some different location. Note - after bottling the drinks need to be cooled permanently. Here is a table of what Algoldor plans as an example how it can be done.

Date Activity Active time needed (hours) Person responsible Location Other people involved Notes
24/7/2015 starting probiotic brews 4-5 Algoldor unknown Eunha Majority of brews will be started at place with running water, electricity, some tables and sinks, preferably some hackerspace like C-base.
29-31/7/2015 flavouring the brews 10 Algoldor unknown Eunha The brews will be infused, bottled (within 24 hours time), labeled and be ready for secondary fermentation.
29/7/2015-1/8/2015 secondary fermentation 4 Algoldor unknown Eunha Bottled brews will be let to secondary ferment at 22-30°C for 1-3 days.
31/7-2/8/2015 starting hibernation/aging the brews at cold (4°C) 2 Algoldor unknown Eunha The brews need to be transferred to 4-6°C (cooling trailer) where they age, they need to be kept cold since now on!
11/8/2015 brews ready for consumption and serving 8 Algoldor CCC camp ground, Village:Foodhackingbase Eunha The drinks stored at 4-6°C need to be transported to CCC camp ground and get ready for distribution etc.
20/7/2015 Started new culture 0.5 User:Alexander Hamburg

Approx. 1l of brew:

  • 7g english breakfast tea (organic), brewed 6 minutes
  • 60g raw cane sugar (organic)
  • 100ml existing Kombucha
  • 1 piece existing culture
26/7/2015 Started first batch 0.5 User:Alexander Hamburg

Approx. 8l of brew:

  • 60g english breakfast tea (organic), brewed 6 minutes
  • 600g raw cane sugar (organic)
  • 1 glass existing Kombucha
2/8/2015 Flavoured & bottled first batch 1 User:Alexander Hamburg

Approx. 2l of flavouring:

  • 25g Earl Grey (organic), brewed 5 minutes
  • 200g raw cane sugar (organic)

20 Club Mate bottles, 1d of secondary fermentation

2/8/2015 Started second batch 0.5 User:Alexander Hamburg

Approx. 8l of brew:

  • 60g english breakfast tea (organic), brewed 6 minutes
  • 600g raw cane sugar (organic)
  • 1 glass existing Kombucha
9/8/2015 Flavoured & bottled second batch 1 User:Alexander Hamburg

Approx. 2l of flavouring:

  • 500ml black currant syrup (organic)

20 Club Mate bottles, 1d of secondary fermentation


We will be using several probiotic cultures like kombucha, water kefir and milk kefir to brew around 200-400 l of probiotic beverages, 10-15 different flavours should be expected. It will be therefore around 400-800 of 500 ml bottles which equals 20-40 crates. With these amounts having or sharing cooling truck is necessity and it is the most important "thing" to sort out, needing it for at least two weeks.

Brewing Location

In summary standard kitchen would do just fine, with some extra 2x2 m place for subsequent fermentation. In more detail the place where the brewing will take place needs to have fallowing to offer:

  • running drinkable water with sink and drainage set up (the later can be build)
  • electricity (220V, 3 kW is fine)
  • at least 2x2 m of space for further fermentation, it can be another room
  • room temperature above 20°C for primary and secondary fermentation (brews can be heated by aquarium heaters so room temperature is not major issue even if lower)

To make the brews we will need drinkable water and drainage. We need several litres of hot water to dissolve the sugar and honey (for feeding the cultures and starting the fermentations). Using electric water kettle is fine, we will also need gas or electric/induction stove for longer time (5-60 min) continuous boiling to make infusions like for example ginger for ginger beer or sassafras for root beer). Fhb has all of the equipment needed already so we can use it. The brews will be inoculated by the kombucha or other cultures and will need to ferment at room temperature of at least at 20°C or higher, up to 25°C, not over 30°C. Shelf of 200 cm long, 50 cm deep and 150-200 cm high will be enough, alternatively the brews will be just placed on ground, than 2-5 square meters will be needed. The location will be used for 7-10 days.


There are several ways how to do the fermentation of the brews, their storage&aging and when they are ready sharing, offering and distributing them. One will be called "minimalistic" second will be "optimal", it is likely that we will end up in somewhere between. Please note that one of main aims of this project is to a) repeat it in the future and bdesign it as an "optimized pilot" small to medium production of probiotic drinks inspiring and teaching others how to improve their production.


If we go this way we will get 25-32 l brewing plastic vessels for all the brewing. For bottling we use 500 ml clubmate bottles (recycled ones) with new cups. Clubmate crates will be used to store the drinks - 20x40 crates will be needed. We will need at least 1 square meter of storage space in a cooling truck/room at temperature below 6-8°C for around two weeks, cooling truck would be best options because the drinks will stored first around the brewing location and later on moved to the camping ground.

Type of equipment Price (€) Amount Total cost (€) When needed Activity Carer Location Notes
25 l brewing vessel (plastic) 13.95 16 223.2 24/7/2015 fermentation Algoldor brewing/fermentation room This is the cheap fermentation vessel usable for both probiotic cultures and beers, makgeolli etc. Available in Holland.
20x Clubmate 500 ml bottle+crate 10 400-800 400-800 28-31/7/2015 bottling Algoldor brewing room 20x 500ml clubmate bottles with crate they need to be cleaned to be ready for bottling.
1000x bottle tops 45 1 45 30/7-2/8/2015 bottling Algoldor brewing room For used clubmate bottles new lids are necessary, these are just an example so far, they do not fit exactly.
labels for bottle lids (800x) 800 ??? ??? 28-31/7/2015 bottling Algoldor brewing room Labels for the bottles, need to be ready before bottling, printed etc.


Higher quality ingredients are desired, therefore organic, fair trade and local would be best. We need both the "food" for the cultures, sugar, honey, rice, malt etc. and the ingredient for making specific flavours like mate, ginger, hibiscus etc. The list is of course depending on what we decide to brew and partly on seasonality which is nice to keep to. Below are few examples of what ingredients we need to make beverages of specific flavours, prices may be up to 30% off it is an estimate. Please note: we do not plan to make 100 or 150 l of one flavour only, these price estimates of the overall costs are to get a rough idea, it will suffice for now the final prices of specific brews will be not too much different.

Kombucha - black tea flavour 100 l batch

Ingredient Amount (g) Price (€) Notes
organic sugar (7% (w/v)) 7000 16.8
black tea tea (0.5% (w/v)) 500 12.5
Total cost 29.3 Brewer - Algoldor, basic kombucha flavour best for growth no need of infusion of the base before secondary fermentation/bottling, non alcoholic, vegan friendly.

Water Kefir - Ginger Beer 150 l batch

Ingredient Amount (g) Price (€) Notes
organic sugar (7% (w/v)) 10500 25.2
ginger (2% (w/v)) 3000 g 21
citrus fruit (2% (w/v)) 4500 36
Total cost 82.2 Brewer - Algoldor, non alcoholic vegan friendly ginger beer, ginger and citrus fruit infused for day or so before secondary fermentation/bottling, aging for week or so highly desirable.


Once we are at the camp ground we will start to enjoy our creations, sharing them with people. We can do it the simple way of donating in advance to the project reserving certain amount of drinks. As usually we will be giving away free tasters on the ground, who wants can donate getting a bottle of the drink. I would say €2-3 per bottle would cover the project and leave some extra cash for future development. Keep in mind that club mate will be most likely €2 for 500 ml bottle so we may need to adjust to that. We could also get the draft system and kegs for some of the brews, which would be lovely but more expensive.


This is just a prelaminary info but for the project to be covered we will need between €1000-1300. Cooling trailer rent for two weeks is estimated and included, 400 l of drinks are planned and minimalistic equipment price used. More info will be added soon with tables and link to the Google spreadsheet.


In this section you can find more info about how we plan to brew the drinks, what cultures and how we use, how we developed the flavours and more. It is work in progress.


In this section you can find info on who is bringing what to the camp.

Culture type Flavour Vegan friendly Amount of drink Brewer Cost of brew(€) Notes
Kombucha black tea yes 40 l Algoldor +- €20 This is the basic flavour of kombucha brew, black tea, organic cane sugar and kombucha SCOBY that is all, vegan friendly.
Kombucha Earl Grey yes 10 l User:Alexander approx. €6 1 crate of Mate bottles
Kombucha Black Currant (syrup) yes 10 l User:Alexander approx. €7 1 crate of Mate bottles


As already stated before, to make this project happen we will need to invest around €1000-1300 before the CCC camp starts. There are several ways how to support.

  • Crowdsourcing Campaign contribution - you can support through our FHB CCC camp 2015 Crowd Sourcing Campaign by getting "Healthy&tasty Probiotic Drinks" perk for €30, "Probiotic Drinks Everywhere" €50 perk or by any other amount of cash. However if you do contribute by other amount of money towards this project and you do not claim the perk post or send us a note that you support Probiotic Drinks Everywhere project. If you contribute more than is the perk price, rest of the cash are being considered as donated to this project too if you do not state otherwise.
  • Bitcoins - you can send bitcoins to the: 1Ph2ce4rUZei5Bz9GXESAHduczBY2QP2FT If you plan to do so please let me Algoldor know towards what you are contributing and what you would like to claim as perk or rewards.
  • Direct bank transfer - you can donate by sending money by bank transfer to the EU based account, please ask for details (Algoldor)) if you would like to do so and again please state what perk/reward you would like to claim if any.
  • Returnable donation/Investment - if you would like to see this project happen but would like to have your money back before the end of CCC camp 2015, you can do so. You can invest either by the bank transfer or bitcoin transfer but please be very clear in stating that this would be investment which needs to be returned and wait for confirmation that we understand it and are ready to accept it. By default all donations towards fhb are non returnable donations so clear distinction so we keep track is really important.