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Description I will give a tour around Google Sketchup and we'll try to build a small logo with it. Maybe we can 3d print our results afterwards.
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Google Sketchup is a very simple tool for creating 3d models. They use it for Google Maps and Earth. It's very easy to use compared to other more professional 3d tools. In this workshop we will try to build the c-base logo or any logo you want in 3d and then we'll try to 3d print it on the BigRep printer.

We will start at 20:00 on day 4 (16.08.) in the c-base workshop tent.

You can get the software at for windows and mac. If you have linux you can download the windows version and use it with wine. I would recommend using playonlinux for that. I will show you how to install it when we start the workshop.