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Description much coin, reach moon
Has website
Persons working on, Rootzoll
Self-organized sessions
Tags Blockchain, Dogecoin
Located at village Village:Bitcoin
Other projects... ... further results

such mission statement:

open for all things doge

wanna join? have questions? get in contact with Rootzoll

Dogecoin Moon Bounce

to the moon

one mission could be: create dogecoin transaction and send it to the moon with a little help from Project Moonbounce during the camp ... let us know if you know someone from Project Moonbounce. would be wow to make this happen - just an idea yet ... but lets see if we can make it happen :)

As an intro into moonbounce tec .. here is the video from last camp: Moonbounce Radio Communication - camp2011


We were starting the mission on day 4 and connected to the moon bounce project at the camp. Sadly their antenna was broken, so we were not able to continue our mission. But we got confirmation that it shoulb be possible to do. So maybe on next camp.