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Radiation Monitoring / Final Panel
This online conference will discuss practical aspects of nuclear radiation monitoring. It is the second part of the hyperdimensional workshop.
Organizer CCCFr, Safecast, Tokyo Hackerspace
Contact User:Capo, User:Akiba
DateTime Day 4 / Aug 13 @ 10:45
Duration 1 h
End 2011-08-13 10:45
Location Baikonur Hyperspace

The interactive online conference between people in Japan and people on campsite will focus on how to build up an independant monitoring network.



The session will start with a Lightning Talk of Tokyo Hackerspace introducing the concept of We then may decide where to dive in deeper and how to build special interest for future cooperation. In the final panel, we may aim for a common sense on how to monitor your area or nuclear facilities to make sure things are running more safe and trustworthy on planet Earth.

Project Flow

GeigerMueller counter building workshops are ongoing in Tokyo and [ on CCC´s camp workshop tent.

We exchange experiences on practical aspects of DIY, how to probe, check and calibrate for getting trusty readings. We will discuss techniques and recipies to get comparable readings. We may emphasize on the value of collecting those significant readings by automated upload to a common network of things.

Focus of the 1st part of the workshop

  • Radiation typology
    • Alpha particles
  • Sensors
    • Tubes, differences between tubes, what to look for
    • Pros & Cons of energy compensated GM tubes
  • Measuring the decay energy
    • Geiger Mueller tubes vs. Proportional chambers
    • Semiconductors sensing, Scintillator
    • Value of nuclide identification
    • Geiger specs, what to look for, what to watch out for
  • Circuits
    • Circuits, approaches to DIYing high voltage supplies

Content we will face in the final conference

  • Safecast hardware
    • Stationary monitors, car/bicycle mounted mobile monitors
    • Calibration
  • Measurement Techniques
    • surf contamination monitoring vs air monitoring, etc
    • Important parameters: height, direction, open/closed window, filters
    • Weather influence and variance of natural radiation background
    • Food chain monitoring
    • Environmental sampling, airsucker
  • Number crunching
    • Alpha, Beta Gamma
    • cpm / Bq / µGy / µSv
  • Monitoring Chernobyl in Europe
    • Learning from governmental monitoring in Germany, France and Switzerland
    • Independant monitoring of nuclear facilities in Germany
  • Situation in Japan
    • Looking from Europe
    • Looking from inside
    • Information flow beside official news and statements
  • Decontamination
    • Topsoil
    • Scrubbing/sanding
    • Other methods being tried

The session will be recorded and streamed out.

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